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Make money blogging with Publisuites

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If you're looking for online platforms to make money from your blog in the UK and beyond then I have something to share with you today.  Read on to discover how you can make money from your blog with Publisuites.

Monetise your blog and social media with Publisuites

I’ve been signed up to Publisuites for a while now.  I can’t remember exactly how long, but it was a site I hadn’t had any orders from until recently.

Quite a lot of sites work like that for me.  Perhaps my pricing is too high for some of them, but it’s still worth being signed up in my opinion.  It’s good to get your name out there and be signed up to as many blogging platforms as possible if you want to make money from your blogs and social medias.

I actually only had my blog signed up to Publisuites, but I’ve just discovered you can also link your Twitter and Instagram so I’ve gone ahead and done that too.  They will suggest a price per post for you, but you can edit this and set your own price instead.

publisuites influencer platform

How do I receive an order on Publisuites?

When you receive an order you will be emailed.  You can then log in to the platform to see the requirements and whether it’s a sponsorship you want to go ahead with.

If you wish to accept then you have 48 hours to accept the order.

If it’s not for you then you can reject the order.

You’ll also see the deadline and any requirements.

If you’ve accepted the order then simply submit the completed work URL on the platform by the deadline and wait for approval.

If the client hasn’t approved it after seven days then Publisuites will automatically approve the work for you.  That’s what happened to my submitted blog post.

How do I get paid on Publisuites?

You can request to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.  You won’t be paid automatically, so you need to generate an invoice in PDF format which you can upload to the Publisuites dashboard.

I simply clicked on the balance which is in Euros at the top of the dashboard and then you can click a button to request payment. 

On the next screen I uploaded my invoice and waited.

Around one week later they emailed to say I hadn’t added my tax information.  As I’m under the VAT threshold I don’t have a VAT number, so instead I provided my UTR which is my Unique Taxpayer Reference.  I had to add this on the invoice and then they paid me around a week later to my PayPal.

publisuites influencer platform

Make more money on Publisuites with their affiliate programme

You can also earn extra money on Publisuites with their affiliate programme.  You will be given a link on the main page when you log in.  This referral link can be shared with your other blogger friends and social media influencers so they can make money too.  You’ll then get 5% of all their sales if they sign up through your link.

Final word

Aside from me not adding my UTR to my invoice the whole process was very straightforward and I received payment around one week after my invoice date.  If you make money from your blog or socials then it’s another platform worth signing up to.


To get started, simply click here to sign up to Publisuites today!


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