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  1. Luxury to inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything

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    This article is to help you find the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Whether she is your wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt, sister, grandma or friend we hope we can help you find something she will love and cherish.  We have a list of luxury to inexpensive gifts for the woman who seemingly has everything that are sure to please her. We hope you enjoy our selection and find something that suits your needs.

  2. Some of the best refer a friend schemes in the UK

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    Refer a friend schemes are a great way to make extra cash at home for referring products and brands that you use and love. 

    In some cases a referral scheme will give you money off your next purchase, bill or subscription, but most of these will actually pay you cold hard cash when you recommend a friend who becomes a customer or who simply signs up to their platform!

    Sometimes the referral cash is only rewarded once your referred friend has spent a certain amount, so I’ll try and include this information below if I know it. 

    Be aware that these refer a friend offers do change sometimes, so always check the terms when you are referring a friend as the reward may have changed or the terms might change.  Most of these have been pretty steady for a while now though.

    Below I will share some of the best refer a friend schemes in the UK that I have personally tried.

  3. 5 tips for saving money as a parent

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    Saving money as a parent is challenging. How well you budget and divide up your weekly and monthly earnings can have a significant impact on the financial security of your family. 

    Unfortunately, not all of us learn the most effective ways to manage money as adults, and this can cause major issues once we start a family of our own. To help you make sense of this money-saving mess, here are five tips to save money as a parent.

  4. Everything you need to include when writing a will

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    Writing a will is essential for anyone who owns assets of significance, but it can be a challenging task without the help of an experienced fiduciary. Nevertheless, this post is dedicated towards making the task of writing one’s own will a lot easier by listing everything that they should include in their document of inheritance. Read on to find out all there is to know about writing your will as the testator.

  5. 4 important things to do as soon as you're married

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    When you're newly married, it can be difficult to keep track of what is happening in the world. You've just said your vows, and now you're on a honeymoon! It might feel like there's no time for anything else besides being with each other- but not so fast! Some important things need to happen after the wedding. These four topics will help new couples get off on the right foot as they start their lives together.

  6. 10 money saving tips when buying bridesmaid dresses

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    When deciding who will be your bridesmaid, be it the best friend or a relative, having this role comes with great benefits such as planning the hen do and helping the bride with many other aspects of wedding planning. It is a pass to know all the details related to the wedding, but not everything is rosy as the bridesmaid may have to help with the wedding budgeting, which includes choosing the bridesmaids dresses within a set budget and not outshining the bride herself.  

    If you’re wondering how much a bridesmaid dress costs, we can tell you that this varies according to several factors including whether you opt for a designer dress or something more affordable.  In this article, we’ll cover 10 tips to take into account when budgeting for the bridesmaid dresses, including money-saving tips.

  7. How to start saving money as a teenager

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    It’s really important to start learning to save money as early as possible.  Learning important money management skills such as saving will help to set you up for life whilst helping you avoid debt and money issues.  Whether you’re a parent interested in how your teen can start learning how to save more of their money, or a teen who wants to take responsibility for their own earnings and savings, read on for lots of tips on how to start saving money as a teenager.

  8. Wedding planning: where to save and where to spend

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    When it comes to planning a wedding, most people like to stick to a strict budget (weddings can be pricey if you don’t do them right). And you’d be surprised how much money you can save by budgeting throughout the planning process. But where should you be willing to spend more? And where should you be making sacrifices to save? Here are a few of our favourite tips to help you plan out your wedding budget: