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  1. 4 ways to improve your domain authority (DA)

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    Whoop my DA is back up. Here's how I think I did it.

    DA is a minefield. I had no idea until this year that it could fluctuate so much. Last year, once I found out about DA, mine was steadily increasing month on month.  This year the opposite happened.

    I went from being in the mid 30s to 28 from December to March.  It seemed the more I tried to increase it, the lower it went!

    Luckily this month it's gone from 28 up to 33.  In this blog post I'll share how I think this has happened.

     how to increase your blogs domain authority DA score 4 tips

    Now, I'm no expert and I really don't totally understand it at all, but I'll tell you what I've been doing as it may have helped.

    (Or it may not at all and next month who knows, my DA may just disappear altogether. Is that possible? I sincerely hope not.)

    Why worry about DA at all?

    I see so many arguments about this very subject all over social media between bloggers, SEO agencies and PR companies.

    I'd love to not worry about it, but unfortunately many companies offer greater opportunities for bloggers for those with a 'high' DA only. Once I dropped to 28 it meant I wasn't considered for campaigns requiring 30+ DAs. 

    When your blog is your main income you  need all the good opportunities you can get, so having a good DA becomes crucial.

    As you can probably tell I'm no expert, but I read what I can and here's what I think has upped my DA by 5 in a month:

    Remove broken links

    I will hang my head in shame as I had never done this! Oops! Apparently it can really affect your score. I had over 100 dead links so spent a whole afternoon finding them and removing them. Quite a lot were from bloggers leaving their blog URL in comments and now their blog no longer exists. It's a boring time consuming process, but a must. I'll do it once a month now and it won't feel like such a chore! Search Google for a dead link checker to find a free tool to check your site.

    Reinstate my home page

    I had a moment where I was going to remove my home page. I thought it was a bit pointless. I didn't remove it, but deleted all the text. I asked Twitter whether they thought home pages still had a purpose and luckily everyone said yes, so I kept it. Thing is I only had two images on it for a long while. I then read something saying internal links and information on a home page is held in high regard as it should explain what your website is about. So I rewrote my homepage and included lots of juicy internal links to all of my websites main topics.

    Increase back links

    This is one of the hardest things to know how to do as a blogger, but I have secured quite a few links from others this year. I'm always up for being interviewed and offering tips/captions for blog posts so I keep an eye out on Twitter/Facebook for these types of opportunities. I've also written a couple of guest posts, but must find the time to do more.  I've no idea if placing ads with other bloggers helps, but I've placed a few and it's always nice to support other bloggers with their advertising options.  They're often great value and you'll meet some wonderful bloggers.

    Add internal links

    I've been painstakingly going through my blog posts one by one in the hope of improving them both for my DA and SEO purposes (another minefield).  I've around 600 blog posts and I've gone through around 120 so far. Hopefully it's worth it! I'm moving my first image to below the first paragraph, instead of the first photo being at the very top of the blog post. This ensures the text is crawled first and not the image. I'm rewriting some of these intro paragraphs or creating them from scratch if there isn't one. I'm trying to include some key words in the opening sentences. I'm adding 2-3 relevant internal links per blog post. I'm also making sure each blog post is at least 300 words. Most are, but there were a couple that aren't. This is a mammoth ongoing task which I hope I'll get through soon! A few blog posts a day is my aim.  I've read quite a lot that internal links can boost SEO and good SEO can boost your DA.

    How is your DA this month? Do you have any tips for me?

    You Baby Me Mummy



  2. How to set up the perfect home office *

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    Tips to create your perfect home office

    Having a home office when you work full time from home is pretty essential.  It keeps the ‘work’ slightly separate from the ‘house work’ by creating a work place.  It is also a great place to store everything work related in an organised manner.

    If you don’t have the space for a dedicated room as an office, perhaps you can turn part of a room or even a corner into your work space?  My home office is a third of my children’s playroom, divided off by their play sofa!  The plan was the children could play whilst mummy works, though it doesn’t always work out like that!  Ideally I would have a separate home office altogether, but this is something we will address once the children are older as Reuben is only two so needs to be with me at all times still.

    How to set up the perfect home office

    Here are a few tips for setting up the perfect home office:

    Position your desk near a window

    Natural light can really help to give you energy and keep you motivated.  It's much nicer than artificial light.  It can also provide a great view which is much better than staring at the wall.  If walls are your only option then pin up some of your favourite photos and motivational quotes.

    Invest in a comfy ergonomic chair

    If you work from home then you may not always sit at your desk.  I mostly curl up on the sofa with my laptop on a feather cushion, but if I have something really important to do I’ll sit upright at my desk.  It’s crucial to have a comfy well designed chair that isn’t going to break your back after a few hours work.

    Add greenery

    An indoor plant or some easy to care for succulents will instantly cheer up any desk, whilst also promoting calmness and happiness.  They’ll also give you something pleasant to look at whilst all those exciting business ideas are running through your mind.

    Keep it light

    Keep the walls and furniture a light colour and save any hectic colour schemes for the rest of the house.  Light calming colours will allow your mind to be free and concentrate on the task at hand.  If you’re a blogger like me invest in a white desk – it’s a great background for all those product shots.

    Hang a custom door sign

    Do you have an amazing business logo that you’d like to show off?  Why not consider a custom internal door sign created by a company such as Stocksigns?  This will make your workspace more professional and will definitely impress any clients who call by.


    Tidy desk, tidy mind, or so the saying goes.  A clutter free workspace will help to keep you more organised and focused on the task in hand.

    Do you work from home?  What are your top tips for creating the perfect work space?

    You Baby Me Mummy



  3. 5 ways to manage your time effectively when working from home *

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    How to be more productive as a homeworker

    Working from home may at first seem like the dream scenario to many, but it does come with a few challenges and plenty of distractions.  If you are used to being managed you will now need to learn to manage your own time effectively.  Even if you were a manager, as I was before having children, managing employee time is very different to managing your own time with the distractions of your home environment. 


    5 ways to manage your time effectively when working from home lylia rose bl


    The TV, housework, children and kitchen cupboard can all provide welcome excuses from any tricky task.  Browsing a personal Facebook feed, because there are no work guidelines to say you can’t, is not the best way to spend your time when working from home!

    Here are 5 ways to manage your time more effectively when working from home:

    Create a manageable list

    We all know the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and it rings true when working at home too.  You cannot do everything today and will only stress yourself out if you try.  This is one I need to remind myself quite often.  I always have so many ideas and I want to do them all now.  But it’s just not possible.  Work out how many hours you have and how long each task will take, then make a manageable list.  If you can’t do it all today, then start making a list for tomorrow.

    Prioritise tasks

    Don’t put off the trickiest tasks.  Get these out of the way first thing and then concentrate on the tasks you enjoy the most.  If you have a deadline then of course this task must be prioritised.  If something has high value, then this should be prioritised.  Ensure your manageable day’s list is in order of the most important to least.

    Reduce distractions

    Turn the TV off!  As lovely as it might be as background noise, what happens when something pops on that grabs your attention?  You start to watch the TV and stop working.  Concentrate your mind purely on the task at hand and reduce all other possible distractions.

    Set yourself realistic breaks

    It is important to have a break, so set yourself a reasonable quantity of breaks throughout the day.  Take ten minutes to sit in the garden with a cup of tea and refresh your mind.  Take five minutes to pop the washing on.  If you schedule yourself allotted times throughout the day to do these tasks they will stop distracting you during the rest of the day when you should be working.

    Try not to multitask (too much)

    I’m terrible for multitasking.  Even as I’m typing this I am stopping to read emails.  There’s plenty of research to prove multitasking results in less productivity overall.  If you give a task your full attention it’s bound to be a lot better than if you’re only giving it half or a third.  Try to concentrate on one task at a time.  You’ll complete each task quicker and with more satisfaction, then move onto the next.

    Do you find it difficult to manage your time effectively working from home?  Let me know your top tips in the comments.

    You Baby Me Mummy



  4. 7 ways to promote your blog giveaway for free

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    Easily promote your blog giveaway online for more exposure

    Do you often run a blog giveaway, but you're not sure how best to promote it for maximum engagement?  Read on to discover the ways I share my blog giveaways and how you can too.6 ways to promote your blog giveaway for free on the Lylia Rose UK Lifestyl

    How to promote your blog giveaway online

    Blog giveaways are an amazing way to give something back to your existing readers as well as getting new eyes on your blog.  I love using Rafflecopter to run my blog giveaways.  They make the whole process really simple.  Choose your prize, add your entry options, enter your T&Cs and voila!  They’ll give you the code to pop their widget on your blog.

    But don’t just expect everyone to find the giveaway on your blog.  You have to get out there and tell everyone all about it!

    Here are 7 ways to share blog giveaways once you hit publish: 

    Facebook Groups

    Blog Competitions & Giveaways – post under the end date thread Competitions – post on the wall
    Mummy & Daddy Bloggers – post on the competition thread


    Super Lucky
    Mudpie Fridays
    Life in a Breakdown

    Blogger Networks

    Bloggers Required
    Pick a Blogger


    The Prize Finder


    Use relevant hashtags such as #giveaway #prize #win
    (if it’s a Friday or Wednesday use #freebiefriday or #winitwednesday)
    Why not use SocialOomph to schedule a bunch of different tweets to go out automatically at set intervals for the duration of your giveaway?


    Share a picture of the prize on Instagram so your followers here know about your giveaway.  Use hashtags which are relevant such as #instawin #instagiveaway #giveaway #prize #win #competition


    I always pin every picture from every new blog post to my blog board.  Perhaps even start a giveaway only board?

    Do you know any other ways to share blog giveaways for free?  Let me know in the comments and I will try them and add them!



    You Baby Me Mummy


  5. Ask Me A Question: What Should My First Business Blog Post Be About?

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    What to include in your first business blog post

    Welcome to my series ‘Ask Me A Question’.  It’s what it says on the tin – ask me a question and I may just feature my answer on my blog.  If you’d like to ask me something simply tweet me or use the contact me form on my main menu.  Use the subject Ask Me A Question.

    My second question is from Twitter user @ammonitestudio

    Ask Me A Question What Should My First Blog Post Be About Lylia Rose Lifest

    I have just built and launched my new website, I have added a blog page but have never blogged before. What should my first post be about? 

    Hi Mark, firstly I love your website.  The rings are amazing.  I love natural wood and my husband was actually looking for a wedding ring like these, so I must share your site with him.

    I think an introductory blog post is a good idea for your first blog entry; introducing yourself if you want to, but it’s a great chance to introduce your company

    It will also be so interesting to see a behind the scenes look at how you make such wonderful rings.  I’d definitely like to see this as I’ve no idea how you do it!  This is a great idea for future blog posts.

    When I started my blog I had no idea what to blog about, so I never had an introductory first blog post, but I wish I did.  I wrote some nonsense about some angel cake slices I’d enjoyed that day, just to blog about something as I wanted to start a blog.  I continued to write gibberish until I found my style.  These first blog posts are now deleted as they never need to be seen by anyone!  They were quite embarrassing.

    It’s a good idea to have a think about what you want to share in your blogs and whether you want to keep it entirely business related or make it a little more personal – sharing your character and lifestyle with the world too.  People like to buy from people, so it can be a good idea to show your personality through your blog posts to make them more relatable and not overly business like.

    Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your site, so think of your target audience and write posts for them.  Think of the sort of people who will buy from your website and the knowledge you can offer via your blog which will be of use.

    Once you get into the swing of blogging I hope you’ll really enjoy it.  Once I decided to start a blog it took me a while to get into the swing of it and I kept putting that first blog post off.  Hopefully once you put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, the words will start flowing.

    Good luck with your blog and wonderful business.  I look forward to reading your first blog post :)