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  1. Matched Betting Profit 2 Months: £1341.81

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    Make extra cash easily from home with matched betting

    Have you heard of Matched Betting?  It’s a risk free way to earn some extra cash from home in your spare time, or some even make it into a full time tax free income!  Wow!

    Read on to see just how much I made in March 2017 and how I'm getting on.


    March profit = £588.19

    Total matched betting profit since 20th January 2017 = £1341.81

    I’ve been matched betting since the 20th January and I’m pleased to report my total earnings in just over two months are £1341.81 – amazing!

    This is tax free cash that I do not have to declare as it’s classed as ‘gambling’ money.  But don’t be fooled by that word as I’m not technically gambling as I know exactly how much profit I’ll make before I place my bets thanks to Profit Accumulator who talk me through the entire matched betting process and make it really simple.

    My profit for March is £588.19 which I’m very happy with.

    I was still working my way through the beginners offers which look to be the most profitable.  I only have three beginner’s offers left to do, but they aren’t so straightforward and having read the forums attached to them, I’m not sure I’ll attempt them.  We’ll see.

    The forums at Profit Accumulator provide a wealth of information and the members are super supportive.  Everyone helps each other and you can ask questions if you are stuck or unsure.

    I’ve started working my way through the casino offers, but I never have much luck with these.  These are offers for free spins on slots mainly.  I never win!  I did win £40 on a free scratch card, but that’s been my only win like this so far.  They are quite time consuming, but I’ll work my way through them all as it’s free money if I do win, so might as well try!  There are screenshots from people in the forums who have won £200ish, so it can happen.

    I’m also going to take a look at the bingo offers in April and have a go at the risk free ones.


    Now I’m through the sportsbook sign up offers I need to get my head around the reload section.  I’ve already been doing some of these (the easy ones I understand), but it’s not enough to make a good profit every month.

    I need to learn to do the accas and horse racing to make good money ongoing it would seem.  Luckily Profit Accumulator have reduced their monthly membership fee this month to only £17.99 a month AND they’ve included two bits of software in this package – Match Catcher and Acca Catcher – which find horse races and accas to bet on and do all the sums!  Sounds easy!  They were previously charging extra for each bit of software, so it’s amazing it’s all included.

    Try Profit Accumulator for free for one whole month

    At the time of writing this Profit Accumulator are letting you trial their membership for free for one whole month! 

    So you may as well have a go and start making some extra cash from home today!  Sign up here!


    Catch up on my previous blog posts about matched betting here:

    I’ve made £300 tax free cash from home in 2 weeks and you can too!

    £753.62 Matched Betting Profit Month One (and silly mistakes)

    Not sure about matched betting?  Make £40ish now to see if it’s for you!


  2. Keen cyclist? Read why you must consider cycling insurance *

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    Save money on your cycling insurance 

    One thing I’ve never thought of is having cycling insurance, but actually it totally makes sense.  Roads are very scary places and I think we’re a pretty long way off having safer cycle paths on all streets and busy main roads.  It’s scary as a driver in a protective car sometimes, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who cycle absolutely everywhere, especially down narrow country lanes where cars seem to think it’s acceptable to go 20 miles per hour above the speed limit.  I can feel a rant coming on to join my many other rants about unsafe drivers I see every day.

    Keen cyclist? Read why you must consider cycling insurance get 10% off with pedalsure

    Unfortunately those idiotic drivers may be the very reason you need to consider covering yourself in the event of an accident as a cyclist.  Or perhaps you may have a terrible fall off your bike of your own accord.  Being out of work and the health costs of an injury can amount to more than we might think.  We all have car insurance and wouldn’t dream of driving around without any, but how many of you have insurance for you and your bicycle?  If you’re a serious rider then you shouldn’t pedal anywhere without it.

    So where do you get cycling insurance?

    PedalSure offer competitive Cycling Insurance for You and Your Bike. They provide unrivalled personal accident cover up to £150,000 and the widest range of options.

    Once you cover your Bike with Theft & Accidental damage you can then choose from the following bicycle insurance options:

    • 30/60 Days Overseas Extension
    • Bike Box & Air Transit Cover
    • Dental & Physio
    • Competition Use (Sportive as Standard)
    • Up to £150k Personal Accident
    • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

    PedalSure was launched back in 2015 to address the issue that many cyclists are under insured themselves with little or no personal protection.   Since then they have added many options to suit the cycling commuter and enthusiast as well as their bikes.

    To save 10% on your cycling insurance use my exclusive link:

    Have you considered cycling insurance before now?



  3. How to Get 2 Euromillions Bets for 98p plus 10 Free Scratchcards *

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    Get more benefits by betting on the Euromillions

    I'm sure most of us have dreamt of winning the lottery.  Having enough money certainly makes things a lot easier and less stressful.  Sometimes playing the lottery can be quite expensive, especially if we're trying to cut back and budget.  Luckily there is a cheaper way to bet on the lottery and win the same big jackpots.  Read on to discover my exclusive deal.

    How to Get 2 Euromillions Bets for 98p plus 10 Free Scratchcards

    My link only works if the jackpot is under £33million

    I’m not a big gambler, but I do like to play the lottery as I find the possibility of winning one day quite exciting.  I only recently discovered there are websites which offer the same jackpots as the lotteries, but instead you bet on the outcome of the lottery.  You still pick all the numbers you think will be drawn, but you are betting on this being the outcome.

    The benefits to betting on the lottery instead of actually playing it are:

    • you can play lots of lotteries from around the world instead of just your home country
    • you can win more than the jackpot sometimes
    • they offer special offers and deals
    • sometimes it’s cheaper than buying a normal lottery ticket (like by using my exclusive link below!)

    The newest site I have been introduced to is World Lottery Club and I have a very special offer for you!

    By clicking here you can place TWO Euromillions bets for just 98p

    Plus you receive TEN free scratchcards.  (My link only works if the jackpot is under £33million)

    I have just tried the offer.  Picking my numbers was very simple as I decided to let them pick them for me  I was worried I may have to deposit £10, but you can pay on card or in my case I deposited just £1.  I then played the ten free scratch cards and won £2 instantly!  So I’m £1.02 up. Plus I may get lucky on the Euromillions!

    Please do gamble responsibly.  I think for 98p it’s worth a shot -  I think I'll do a mixture of this and the actual game from now on!

    Click here to place 2 Euromillions bets for only 98p

    Let me know in the comments if you win!









  4. Make Ruem: Mother’s Day Gift Guide plus 25% Off Spring Sale *

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    Save 25% on unique home accessories and gifts with Make Ruem

    Make Ruem, the unique and elegant home accessories online shop, currently have a spring sale with 25% off absolutely everything.  If you’re spring cleaning and want to freshen up your décor this sale will be perfect for you.  Especially if you love home accessories that none of your friends will have, but they will all want.  It’s also perfectly timed if you’re on the hunt for that perfect Mother’s Day gift.

    Make Ruem: Mother’s Day Gift Guide AND 25% Off Spring Sale

    If you’ve not read about my love for Make Ruem before then you need to check out my previous blog posts full of incredible home décor and gift idea picks:

    Gift Guide for Unique Home Decor Lovers

    Set the scene for Valentine’s Day with Make Ruem

    If that’s not enough to fill you with inspiration (and want to change your décor in every room), here are my top four gift ideas for your mum this Mother’s Day from Make Ruem:

    Make Ruem 25 Off Spring Sale just in time for Mother’s Day!

    1.Stag Kitchenware

    Is your mum a fan of stags?  Stag décor is perfect for any rustic themed home or country cottage.  Make Ruem have several stag and antler themed kitchen gifts which will be ideal.  The antler handled slate trays are great for entertaining.  From just £7.50 in the sale for the Stag Wine Bottle Stopper you’ll find something to suit your budget.

    Make Ruem 25 Off Spring Sale just in time for Mother’s Day! luxurious thr

    2. Cosy Throws

    A good cosy throw always goes down well in our home.  What mum doesn’t like to snuggle up under a luxurious soft blanket at the end of a long day?  Pick from moss stitch, chunky knit, fine knit and brushed textures all with a generous 25% discount.

    Make Ruem 25 Off Spring Sale just in time for Mother’s Day! Decorative Cr

    3. Decorative Crockery

    These plates are the most unique I’ve seen.  I would be a happy mama if someone got me one of these for Mother’s Day.   Use around the home to store trinkets or as the coolest serving plates ever.

    Make Ruem Mother’s Day Gift Guide AND 25 Off Spring Sale grey resin squir

    4. Geometric Squirrel

    I couldn’t miss this chap out!  How fab are these squirrels?  In on trend grey and geometric design, these squirrels will brighten up your mum’s day.  They’ll look great on a marble fireplace nibbling away.

    What are your favourite items from Make Ruem?  I hope this blog post has given you some inspiration for your Mother’s Day gift ideas

    To view these and many more home accessories visit



    You Baby Me Mummy





  5. 3 Kids Craft Subscription Boxes for Under 5s (try 2 for free)

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    Keep your kids entertained with creative subscription craft boxes

    While some of the latest craze of subscription craft boxes may seem a bit useless unless you are a hoarder of things, some boxes are actually a really great idea.  Two of my favourite useful subscription boxes are healthy food snack boxes and children's craft boxes.  Children's craft subscriptions are a great way to encourage your child to be creative, use their imagination and have a lot of fun in the process!  Here are three fantastic craft boxes for young children (two of which you can try absolutely free).

    3 Great Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids try for free toucan box sassy kid

    Toucan Box

    I was a big fan of the Toucan Box with Bella and will definitely look to do another kids craft box with Reuben once he’s a little older. We had this box for 1-2 years with Bella until we’d done the whole lot!  Bella always got so excited when her box arrived and immediately wanted to open it up and get cracking!  Read my full review by clicking here.

    One of the best things about these subscriptions is there is no commitment, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but I’m pretty sure your child will love the boxes!

    Click below to get a free Toucan Box.  

    Sassy Kids Box & Sassy Bloom

    We had great fun trying a couple of Sassy Boxes for review on my blog.  Bella loved them and still mentions them now, months after, as she remembers them.   The Sassy Kids Box is for children over 3 and contains a craft with some bonus activities too!  We had super fun playing the popcorn games together.

    If you have a child under 3 the same company have a Sassy Bloom box.  It’s filled with fun activities for your child based on their age and development, as well as treats for mum and personalised goodies.  The little ones don’t have to miss out on the subscription fun either!

    I’ve penned a couple of reviews of these boxes before.  Read one by clicking here.

    Mister Maker

    This looks awesome!  I may just have to get Reuben this box when he’s old enough.  Both of my children love CBeebies and Mister Maker.  They send a box every two weeks with an art project inside.  They also include everything you need, even glue! 

    The rocket and clown mask on their website look awesome.  I think I’ll even have to get Bella and Reuben a box each as I’m sure Bella will want to make everything as well!  It will also be a great big sister activity for Bella to help Reuben as she’s three years older.

    Click below to get a free Mister Maker box!

    Have you ever tried a kid’s subscription box for under 5s?  Let me know your recommendations in the comments!


    You Baby Me Mummy