Save money on UK family days out with Kids Pass

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Save money on UK family days out with Kids Pass

Try Kids Pass for £1 and make huge savings

Days out with kids are expensive.  Just going to a wildlife park as a family of four costs us upwards of £100 and a theme park is way pricier.  Cinema tickets are a ridiculous amount now - over £10 per adult at our local cinema!  Luckily there are lots of ways to cut costs on family days out, restaurant bills and cinema tickets nowadays.  In this blog post I’m going to share with you one of the ways you can make massive savings with a family savings pass from Kids Pass.

Whenever we go out I do always try to look for vouchers to save a bit of cash, especially if we’re going to a chain restaurant or well-known attraction.  There’s usually some money to be saved off the face value of a ticket, but it can involve a lot of scouring the website to find a legit code, if I can find one at all.  I’m all for things that make this process a lot easier and less time consuming which is why Kids Pass is a genius idea! 

Huge savings on family holidays

I’ve just signed up and downloaded the app and I’m already amazed at the savings we can make.  One that particularly stands out to me is a saving of up to 50% off a Eurocamp holiday.  We’ve recently purchased a campervan and have been talking of a trip to Europe and possibly to stay at a Eurocamp in France.  Being able to cut the cost of our holiday in half by using Kids Pass will be amazing!  Just this saving alone will recuperate the annual membership fee and more.  At the time of writing there are also discounts on Forest Holidays, and Hoseasons.

Up to 40% off at cinemas

We aren’t big cinema goers at the moment, but mainly because the kids are too young.  I’m sure this will change as the kids get a little older as I love the cinema experience!  At the moment it’s a whopping £31.60 to go as a family of four to our local cinema and no doubt this will rise by the time Reuben, our youngest at age three, is old enough to go.  Kids Pass offers up to a 40% discount at over 500 nationwide cinemas.  Perfect!

Kids eat free

Eating out is another huge expense with kids, so any money off vouchers are always a bonus.  With Kids Pass there are plenty of restaurant savings vouchers or takeaway offers to choose from.  Just in our city I can see we can currently save 25% at Bella Italia and kids can eat for £1 at Prezzo.  We love these posh pizza places so we’ll certainly make use of these.  If you prefer takeaway then there are BOGOF offers at both Pizza Hut delivery and Papa John’s.

Discounts for family days out

All the major theme parks are listed on the app with savings of up to 57%.  There are also activities such as bowling, go-karting, trampolining and more.  There are nature centres, wildlife parks, zoos and farms.  There is so much to choose from, it’s also a great way of finding something to do with the family and you’ll get a discount at the same time!

Easy to use app

The app is super easy to use and allows you to search for ‘offers near me’ allowing you to see all the nearby attractions, restaurants and activities with a discount that are most local.  You can also search by category such as Restaurants or Family Days Out if you’re looking for something in particular or don’t mind going further afield for an attraction.

Kids Pass is the UK’s no. 1 family savings pass with thousands of exclusive offers at the UK’s top attractions, cinemas, restaurants and UK holidays. A Kids Pass membership can easily save a family between £500 and £1,000 per year and the cost of a Kids Pass membership can easily be covered by the savings a family can make in just a single day out!’

Try Kids Pass for just £1

Try Kids Pass today for just £1 for a month’s trial here:

There are plenty of testimonials on the website from families making plenty of savings to justify the either £3.99 monthly cost or £39.99 annual cost of membership after the trial.  If it’s not for you, then simply remember to cancel.

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Save money on UK family days out with Kids Pass