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Summer garden party ideas

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With the summer season coming up, it’s time to get those party engines started and prepare for a season of outdoor joy. With the warm weather, lack of rain and long nights, we have many excuses to invite all of our friends and family over to party, relax, or just enjoy the outdoors.

However, instead of going out to expensive and busy venues, why not make the most of your home? Here are four wonderful ideas that will make the most of your garden.

A drinks bar

With the summer comes many hot days and we all need to revitalise ourselves with some beverages. A drinks bar is a luxury that many people don’t invest in. However, with the summer coming up, if you have plans to set up a great party then it's a great idea.

A drinks bar doesn’t need to be fancy. It can simply be a table or desk with a lot of storage space for drinks. Keep it nice and cool and in the shade, and get a few bar stools to go with it. Your guests will have a place to make themselves drinks and you’ll have a place to store all the drinks guests bring.

Outdoor entertainment

There are many different ways to plan entertainment for your summer parties. For instance, you could hire a DJ to play your favourite tunes at home. They usually bring all of their own equipment, they don’t need much space to set up and they’re relatively inexpensive for how much they improve your party.

You could also hire a Big Hat tipi if you have a lot of space in your garden. These giant tents will provide a nice place for your guests to relax and take shelter from the shade, and you can even furnish the inside with dining tables or dancefloors.

Garden furniture

If you’re still using plastic chairs and tables as garden furniture, then consider something a bit more stylish. Do yourself a favour and get some proper furniture. Deck chairs, proper tables and garden sofas are wonderful examples of furniture that will spice up your garden and make your parties a lot more comfortable and relaxing for your guests. Focus on providing you and your guests with extra levels of comfort and invest in proper garden furniture.

Learn how to grill

The summer months are boiling hot and it doesn’t make it any better when you cook indoors. If you open the oven door, that blazing heat will spread through the house and raise the temperature. If you turn on the stove, then again, the heat will spread all the way through your house and make you sweat. The best way to remedy this is to simply cook outside. Replace your grill or get a new one if you haven’t used it for a long time. Learn how to grill some delicious vegetarian barbeque food and you’ll wow your guests, even if they aren’t vegetarians!