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Welcome to my matched betting blog.  Follow my matched betting journey on this page from a completely clueless matched betting beginner doing the sign-up offers, to quickly making over a thousand pounds of profit in the first few weeks.

Scroll down to learn how to start matched betting as a beginner, read my matched betting diary, watch videos explaining matched betting simply, discover real life matched betting stories and see my own matched betting profit for two years in my spare time.

Learn how you can do the same and make money matched betting quickly and easily in your spare time.

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macthed betting blog

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make money online matched betting

Matched betting explained really simply

Getting started as a matched betting beginner

In my matched betting blog you can learn how I used Profit Accumulator to take advantage of the bookies free bet offers to easily and quickly make money at home.  Discover that matched betting is legal and even better, the cash you make is tax-free! 

Realise matched betting is not traditional gambling, but a legit way to make cash from home using mathematical calculations to extract a profit from bookies offers.

Don't let that put you off as the Profit Accumulator software will find you the best bets to place and will do the calculations for you, simply showing you the amounts you need to bet and where with step-by-step instructions so anyone can do it!

Profit Accumulator was invaluable to me for my matched betting experience.  They made the whole process so straightforward with the best step-by-step matched betting guides I could find online.  Other websites really confused me, but Profit Accumulator made matched betting super easy and accessible to anyone. You can learn more about why I highly recommend them in my blog posts below.

Watch the owner of Profit Accumulator explain matched betting really simply, so you can see how it works and how to extract profit from offers at the bookies, even with no betting knowledge or passion for sports.

I made £5683.56 cash from home in 26 months doing matched betting in my limited spare time, and many others I know have made much more!

Firstly, what is matched betting? How does matched betting work?  Watch the video to find out and then find my own matched betting blog diary below, many answers to common FAQs and let me bust some common matched betting myths for you!

This is how matched betting works

How to quickly make money online with matched betting

Check out my matched betting blog posts in this matched betting blog as I progress from a matched betting beginner, with no interest in sports or betting, but keen to make a profit, right through to a seasoned matched bettor of two years.

I continued to complete matched betting reload offers to make a profit every month, from an industry I know nothing about and have no interest in... aside from taking advantage of it to profit with tax-free cash.

Learn how you can easily do this too, even if you have no clue what matched betting is, no knowledge about sports and no idea how to even place a bet.  You can quickly make money - I made hundreds in my first couple of weeks and thousands in my first few months... all in my spare time.

Watch the matched betting videos to learn exactly what I'm talking about and how this is a great way to make extra cash from home in the UK in your spare time.  Learn how it's totally legal, see the national media it has been shared in and tested by and read my own personal experience and recommendation of the best matched betting company to use.

You'll find all my matched betting blog posts and helpful resources on this page.

My matched betting blog diary

I documented my matched betting journey from start to finish, including exactly how much profit I made from matched betting.  Find my matched betting story below.  Many others make much more than this, but I spent only my limited spare time doing matched betting.  Sometimes I only spent 30 minutes a week on it.  Very soon (hopefully in 2022) I may have another person's matched betting diary to share on my blog, so it will be interesting to see how it compares. 

make money online matched betting

How to profit with each bet using the matched betting method

make money online matched betting

Real life matched betting stories

You can discover my real life matched betting experience in my blog posts that I share on this page.  You can scroll down to see the profit I made from matched betting every month for a whole two years in my spare time.

I also share six real life matched betting stories in my blog post 6 real life matched betting stories

Here's a video of some more Profit Accumulator members sharing why they joined up, what originally put them off starting and how they are finding matched betting so far:

A list of matched betting blog posts

Follow my own matched betting blog journey here:

Here are my matched betting blog posts that share my journey from day one of matched betting as a complete beginner, through to an 18 month milestone and £5000 made in my spare time!

I’ve made £300 tax free cash from home in 2 weeks and you can too!

£753.62 matched betting profit month one (and silly mistakes)

Matched betting profit 2 months: £1341.81

Matched betting profit after 3 months: £1706.81

I've made over £2000 in four months matched betting

I made over £3000 matched betting in 2017

Matched betting milestones: 18 months and £5000


More matched betting blog posts:

Not only do I share my own matched betting experience and profits, but I address many common FAQs related to matched betting and bust matched betting myths.

I share my opinion on some of the comments I’ve personally had or heard about matched betting and reviews of the software and matched betting service I used.

There are real life stories from other matched bettors too, so you can see how much six other bloggers have managed to make from their own matched betting journeys.

You can also learn why I made the decision to quit matched betting, even though I still highly recommend it!

Not sure about matched betting?  Make £40ish now to see if it’s for you!

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National publications that have featured matched betting:

Still not sure about the legitimacy of matched betting?

Many people mistakenly think it’s a scam right away and don’t even investigate it further. 

I was one of these people for quite a while, until I saw bloggers I trusted write about their experiences of matched betting and how they were making extra cash easily in their spare time

This sparked my interest and I was so amazed to find out it was legit!

If you’re still not convinced then here are some articles from national publications that feature matched betting.  Their journalists try it and they even speak to the bookies and experts to prove it’s legal and, even better, tax-free cash!



Calvin Ayre

The Sun


Financial Times

make money online matched betting

My matched betting profits every month

Here are my monthly profits for the entire time I was matched betting. 

I started matched betting at the end of January 2017 and continued to March 2019. 

The most lucrative matched betting offers were definitely the sign up offers and I continued to make a profit even after I finished all the sign up offers. 

I did matched betting in my spare time and sometimes only for half an hour per week.  I was always amazed at how much money I could make in very little time!

It took me a long time to place my first few bets, mostly because I was so nervous and re-read everything so many times, but I became very quick at using the Profit Accumulator software once I got the hang of it.  Even with being so slow and taking my time at first, I still quickly made a great profit each month!

I didn’t always do all the available offers either.  I just checked when I had some spare time.  There are many forums online of people making all sorts of different amounts each month.  It really depends on how much time you can devote to matched betting.

For me, it was a part time endeavour only, in my spare time.

My matched betting profits by month:

End of Jan + Feb 2017 - £753.62

Mar 2017 - £588.19

Apr 2017 - £365.00

May 2017 - £465.95

Jun 2017 - £249.49

Jul 2017 - £61.64

Aug 2017 - £209.66

Sep 2017 - £274.68

Oct 2017 - £70.81

Nov 2017 - £167.00

Dec 2017 - £113.26

Jan 2018 - £125.88

Feb 2018 - £201.81

Mar 2018 - £343.66

Apr 2018 - £212.35

May 2018 - £175.45

Jun 2018 - £413.63

Jul 2018 - £197.35

Aug 2018 - £268.84

Sep 2018 - £104.06

Oct 2018 - £53.74

Nov 2018 - £36.96

Dec 2018 - £173.30

Jan 2019 - £41.04

Feb 2019 - £6.47

Mar 2019 - £11.31

Grand total - £5,685.15

make money online matched betting