Media features

I am PR / journalist friendly and open to discussing any of my personal stories on my website for exclusive media features in newspapers, magazines and online publications from my debt story, to how I make a full-time living as a blogger, making money from home/online or money-saving tips.  

I am also happy to provide quotes for articles.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are a journalist or PR company and interested in exclusively publishing my story, quote or tip. 

(Please note, just thinking of speaking in public, in person, online, via video chat or on radio gives me massive anxiety and heart palpitations, so unfortunately I am not yet able to take part in radio features or other speaking events! 
I can do interviews via phone, however I'd prefer email where possible as I can articulate myself much better in writing rather than on the spot.)

As featured in...

The Sun, The Guardian, Express, Mirror, Cornwall Live and more!

Here's a screenshot from my spreadsheet of media features.

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