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Category: My Family Roundups

  1. Bella (3 years 8 months)

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    bella dinosaur 3 years 8 months (family blog update)

    Bella is now three years and eight months and coming out with all sorts of amazing vocabulary and curiosities.  She’s also mastered certain skills, such as hide and seek!  Before now she would always reveal where she was when I said ‘where’s Bella?’  A little voice from behind a door would shout ‘I’m here, behind the living room door’.  Now, she is deadly silent.  The complete opposite extreme!  So much so that she has scared the life out of me a few times recently as I’ve ran around the house panicking, wondering if she has quietly snuck out the front door without me realising!  Then I’ve found her stood perfectly still and quiet under a curtain (which has no child sized bump visible and doesn’t look like it’s moved!).  Once she was only under a large sofa cushion in the corner, but I couldn’t see her for ages!  She really has started to outsmart me.

    I’m not sure where she’s picked it up, but ‘just again’ is one of her most common phrases.  ‘I’m hungry just again’ or ‘I need a snack just again’.

    She’s started being a little mischievous with Reuben.  Lying down flat in front of him when he’s trying to crawl somewhere to block his way, bopping him on the head with a cushion, turning toys away from him that he’s playing with and so on!  The sibling rivalry begins!  She’s also very keen on Reuben’s fruit pouches, so will insist he does not want it if I’m going to feed him one, as she would like it for herself!

    We counted to 30 together recently which was fantastic.  I could see her working out that in the twenties the numbers go upwards from 1-9, just like she already knows.  I was impressed she knew the next set of numbers began with thirty without me telling her.  I think she’ll be very academic as she’s loved to learn her numbers, alphabet and shapes from a very young age and continues to impress us.  She can now write and spell her name with no help.  Go Bella!

    I know preschool had recently tried a rhyming exercise and they were surprised that she didn’t understand the concept of rhyming (because of the above), as was I.  But just the other day she exclaimed ‘Mum, Mum, pyjamas and bananas, they sound the same!’

    Bella has played ‘playgroup’ at home and laid out activities for the pretend children to play.  This was so sweet to watch as she went around the table helping the pretend children with their pictures!

    Bella has drawn pictures a lot more recently, favouring animals, treasure maps and even dinosaurs!  She has also been keen to draw Nana with a sparkly bottom (?!) and drew a funny Aunty Jess octopus!

    The funniest Bella thought recently:

    After flushing the toilet, Bella looks at the floor and says ‘does all the poo go under the floor and under the house?’
    Mummy – ‘no Bella, it goes outside the house and underground through the pipes’
    Bella – ‘and then to the sharks so they can eat it because sharks eat poo?’ (!!!)