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Toucan Box Discount Code

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Every two weeks a turquoise blue box pops through our letterbox and our daughter gets super excited!  This blue box is addressed to Bella and has a fun crafty project to complete!  It's the fab kids craft subscription called Toucan Box which we've received for almost one year now. 
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Update August 2022: The offer was a free Toucan Box when I wrote this in 2017, but it's since changed to 50% off a box!

Toucan Box is great for creative kids! 

I was introduced to Toucan Box by a friend who loved spending the quality time with her eldest by getting crafty each time it arrived.  
I can see why as now I feel exactly the same. It's great to see Bella so excited when she knows there's some post for her.  She then knows there's something fun inside and we'll get to sit and make it together.  

Toucan Box craft boxes contain everything you need for each craft

The box comes with everything you need so no worrying about finding some beads, ribbon or lolly sticks!  
If any materials are left over we just add them to our craft box for our own projects so nothing is wasted.  
You only need to provide things you would already have, like scissors or water to mix with glue.  
It's such a great idea and comes in a letterbox friendly size.

What sorts of crafts are included in Toucan Box? 

Makes so far include a feathery parrot, treasure map, paper mâché bowl (which was used as a hat of course), a jewelled crown, dreamcatcher and some funky moveable jellyfish.  
I find it just as fun as Bella as we never know what will be in the box.  It's a great little surprise and crafty challenge for us both!

Toucan Box discount code 50% off

I wanted to let you know about Toucan Box as I'd never have heard of them unless my friend mentioned it.  I now recommend them too.  If you have children age three and older you should give it a go!

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How to save money on a Toucan Box subscription

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