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Nom Nom Kids

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Wouldn't it be amazing if there was an easy way to feed baby homemade food on the go?  if you love the convenience of store bought baby and kid food pouches, but would rather make your own food to feed them then I have a solution for you - Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouches!

They kindly sent me some of their reusable food pouches to review which was perfect timing as I'd just started weaning Reuben.  They look like a great idea, but I was keen to see if they were as handy as I thought they'd be.

Nom Nom Kids create and sell colourful reusable food pouches and also reusable food bags.  This means kids can enjoy homemade snacks with ease on the go, but it will also reduce the amount of plastic waste created in comparison to constantly purchasing food pouches in stores for single use.

Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouches review

I started weaning Reuben around one month ago.  It was a little sooner than the recommended six months as he was literally trying to dive into our plates of food!

He would start sucking his lips, getting fidgety and whinging a little, every time we ate.

I offered him a teaspoon of food and he keenly opened his mouth.  He was definitely ready at five and a half months.

He’s now six and a half months and enjoying several spoonful’s of breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

Nom Nom Kids sent me a pack of their reusable food pouches to try as soon as I started weaning.  These couldn’t have come at a better time and I was keen to give this product a try.

I’d spoken with this fab company on Twitter for a while and we are not too far from each other so they always stuck in my mind.  It was so kind of them to send me some pouches to review and I’m happy to report I highly recommend the product!

nom nom kids reusable food pouches baby weaning feeding - lylia rose family

How do Nom Nom Kids food pouches work?

I was curious how you would fill a pouch, but they open along the side which makes them super easy to open and pour the contents in.

This can be a little messy with mashed up baby food, but hey, what’s not messy about weaning right?!

The more I’ve used them, the less messy I now am with this process!

Once sealed, the pouches are amazingly secure.  I have thrown them into my change bag, which literally has everything just thrown in, and they survived.

The pouches can go in the dishwasher, washing up bowl, freezer and fridge.

They can’t go in the microwave (not a problem as we don’t have one), but if you need to heat some food up just pop them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes.

They are super easy to clean and reuse which cuts down on waste/recycling, so they are environmentally friendly too.

Baby recipe suggestions for Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouches

Here’s what I’ve made so far that have been successfully stored and eaten from the Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouches:


Raspberries (from our garden!), blueberries, bananas, strawberries, natural yoghurt and milk.  I tend to add more milk for Bella and none for Reuben so he can ‘eat’ it.

Yep, I even use these pouches for Bella and she absolutely loves them!  I’ve popped one in her lunchbox for play school this week.  She takes a packed lunch three times a week now, so these are great to send her smoothies or yoghurts in.

Reuben absolutely loved his and ate the whole pouch, wow!  I tested freezing these and they were enjoyed just as much once defrosted.

I made the smoothie with my Nutri Ninja and just poured it directly into some pouches.

Squash puree

We received two gem squashes in our Abel and Cole veg box, which I’d not tried before.  We baked one for us and I pureed the second and filled a pouch.  Reuben loved this and it kept well for two days in the fridge.  I used a handheld blender and then spooned it into the pouch.

Carrot and sweet potato mash

I cooked the vegetables until super soft and literally mashed with a fork.  I then spooned them into the pouches.  A delicious ‘sweet’ vegetable dish which went down a treat!

Final word

I’m looking forward to making much more and will also be taking a peek at as their website also has lots of recipe ideas and tips on how to best use their reusable food pouches and food bags.