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18 days with my brace

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Braces at 30 - 18 days with my brace

The past 18 days have whizzed by and though I don’t really want to wish time away, I do kind of hope the whole brace experience goes quickly so I can start enjoying my perfect teeth!

I’m almost 3 weeks in and things are a little easier.  There’s no pressure or pain at all now, so I’ll make the most of this relief before the first tightening in May!

I can’t say fifty.  Ha!  We did a car boot last weekend and I realised I couldn’t say fifty very well.  We reduced everything to 50p at the end of the day and I had to say it a million times.  With my two gaps and the brace on the teeth it’s tricky to say F.  I’d not noticed this until last Sunday.

I still avoid hard food, but I doubt I will be able to eat any while I wear the brace.  I won’t have very toasted toast either, so have been only toasting my bread for one minute, whereas I usually like it nice and crunchy!  I think sometimes I might be over cautious, but I don’t want to risk breaking the brace.  If I break it then it will make the whole process even longer, so I’m keen to keep it in place.

I was eating on just on the right side of my mouth on the back teeth, but now I can easily eat on both sides. This is making eating food a whole lot more enjoyable.

I’m still avoiding biting into things with my front teeth as it’s such a bizarre feeling and the food just gets all over the brace at the front!  Yuck!  It’s pretty much just cut up foods and soft items for me.

I’m totally used to it being in my mouth now and forget it’s there really.  I’m used to seeing it in the mirror and it feels like a part of me now.  Ben says it seems like I’ve always had it.  It’s funny how quickly you can get used to something isn’t it!

Kissing is strange.  Not that me and Ben are the types to slobber all over each other all the time, but even a peck feels funny.  Every time we have a quick kiss it feels so funny I usually just laugh.  Poor Ben!