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35 more things that make me happy

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Following on from my 50 things that make me happy blog post, here are 35 more things that make me happy...

  1. Weekends
  2. Not being woken by an alarm
  3. Enough sleep
  4. Teal colours
  5. Positive people
  6. Days off
  7. Cooked breakfast
  8. Watching my children do new things
  9. Eating healthy food
  10. Aside from treat night Friday’s – usually eating pizza!
  11. Homesense
  12. Spiced scented candles
  13. Cheese
  14. Music
  15. Saving money
  16. Ben’s lasagne
  17. Hot cacao
  18. Spooning (being the spoonee of course)
  19. Making lists
  20. Crossing things off lists
  21. Not having any housework to do
  22. An iPhone with enough storage (note:  8GB is not enough!)
  23. Warm breezes
  24. Country drives
  25. Blue skies
  26. My children playing together nicely
  27. Bella looking out for her little brother
  28. Nice country pubs
  29. Hot air balloon rides (only done once, but want to do another!)
  30. Leonardo DiCaprio films (all really good, right?!)
  31. On that note – Matt Damon films too!
  32. Train journeys by myself with my laptop to blog
  33. Days when my hair doesn’t need washing
  34. Eating fruit & veg grown in our garden
  35. Having something to look forward to – a fun event, holiday or project!