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Update your home's style with these cute ideas

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If your home is looking tired and dated, it could be worth giving it a bit of a makeover. You don’t need to renovate each individual room to do this. Just some small updates to the decor should do the trick. It won’t be as much work as a whole renovation, and it will also be a lot cheaper! Not sure how you can make small changes to improve your home’s style? Read on for some useful tips!

Change Your Window Features

Even when people decorate an entire room, they often don’t bother changing the window feature. Or, if they do, they keep the same feature but get one in a different style. But changing the type of feature completely is a great way to really change the entire look of your room. Why not swap your heavy curtains for some contemporary internal window shutters? Other options include net curtains and blinds.  You don't have to buy an off the shelf product either.  Why not go for something totally bespoke and have some custom made curtains that are totally unique to you and your home?

Use More Metallics

Metallics are a big trend for 2016. Even so, not many people are using them, as they aren’t too sure how to incorporate them into their homes. But there’s no reason to be intimidated by metallics! The key to getting them right in your decor is not to overuse them. One of the best ways to start using them is to add metallic accessories into a room, such as lamps or photo frames. You could even create an accent wall by painting one wall silver or gold.

Bring Your Garden Inside

Why pay money for new ornaments and decor accessories when you can use flowers and plants from your garden? You can even create a small herb garden in your kitchen. The benefits of having plants and flowers in the house include a fresh fragrance every day. Your rooms will never have felt so fresh! You could even have a go at drying flowers to make your own decorative items.

Use Chalkboards

You can even create your own artwork for your home with chalkboards. Use a large decorative one in your living room and write some inspirational quotes on it. Make sure to use calligraphic fonts, so it looks super smart! Chalkboards also go well in kitchens. They will serve a more practical purpose here, though. You can use them to write your shopping list or to-do list!

Repurpose Old Furniture

Got an item of furniture that you don’t use anymore? Well, instead of throwing it out or selling it, why not see if you can repurpose it. This is also known as upcycling. It is when you take an old item and give it a completely different purpose. For example, if you have a long wooden bench, you could cut it in half. It could then be used as a vintage table to go at the end of your sofa. You could even take the back off an old dining chair and use it as a small coffee table.

All these tips can be done on a relatively small budget. So now there’s no excuse for leaving your rooms drab and outdated!