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Simple garden ideas to make the most of your outdoor space

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Your garden doesn’t need to be just a pretty view out of your window. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space- take advantage! There are lots of ways you can utilize your gardens, and allow them to become an extension of your home, rather than just be wasted space.

Follow the below easy tips to get even more out of your garden than a patch of grass!

  • Grow your own produce

One great way to put your garden to work is by growing your own produce. It’s a fun, worthwhile hobby to have. You’ll save money, and will know exactly where your food has come from. No dodgy pesticides or thousands of air miles! Plus, growing your own is incredibly satisfying. You could excavate an area in the garden to use as a vegetable patch. You could plant some fruit trees, or grow herbs in pots and containers.

  • Build a garden room

You need more rooms in your house, but have plenty of space outside. It’s a no-brainer- have a garden room built! Our needs can change over time. A house that was perfect a few years ago can quickly feel cramped and small if your family has grown, or you’ve started to work from home. A fully insulated garden room can be ideal in all weathers. You don’t usually need planning permission and they’re cheaper than building an extension. All in all, a win-win. Choosing the right materials will help the room look best in its surroundings. Plus, encircling it with gorgeous plants and flowers will help it look ‘at one’ with the garden. If you’re not sure, you could consider contacting a couple of landscaping companies for advice.

  • Set up the perfect seating area

Without a proper seating area, chances are your garden is going to waste. Investing in some good garden furniture encourages you to move from inside to the garden. A table with a parasol, chairs, a garden swing and even added extras such as a fire pit out on the patio will make the garden much more inviting to spend time in.

  • Get cooking

To accompany your seating area, adding a place to cook will again encourage you to spend time outside. You could build a pizza oven or a barbeque which would be perfect for hosting parties. If you were looking to go all out, you could even have a full outdoor kitchen installed!

  • Build a shelter

It's not really much fun to be in your garden when it's raining, so why not build a sheltered area so you can go outside whatever the weather?  If you're a keen DIYer then you can even learn how to build your own veranda online, stick some corrugated roof sheets on it and you'll have an undercover area for all weather in no time!