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Six skin care tips you can't skip

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As busy working mums, it's easy to ignore our own upkeep while running after our little ones all day.   While youth and vitality may mask the signs of ageing in our early twenties, our ignorance of a healthy skin care regime will show its effects once we are in our late twenties and thirties. For that reason, I have decided to talk about an enduring routine that will preserve and pamper your supple skin.

Use a cleanser and toner

While it may sound optional, it isn’t. The key to Kiera Knightley’s glowing radiant skin is a good routine and for this, cleansing and toning is a must. A good cleanser removes oil and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural moisture and oils. A toner will further tighten pores and prevent that dreaded sign of ageing; large, open pores. Invest in an effective one, as skincare can’t be skimped on.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Remember that the cleansing and washing that is essential also reduces the moisture in your skin which is what maintains its suppleness and glow. Dry, flaky skin ages much faster than oily skin and moisturising regularly prevents winkles and blemishes. Make it a point to apply a good moisturiser after a body scrub before applying foundation, as well as a good overnight cream to hydrate your skin.

Remove makeup

It is natural to feel lazy after a long day and hit the sack without removing makeup from our face.  We’ve all experienced those mornings of waking up disgusted, with eyeliner caked over our lids, mascara clumped on our lashes, and foundation smeared over our pillow. These chemicals not only damage skin but also clog pores, promoting the growth of bacteria and fungus. It takes just a few minutes to remove that dirty layer of makeup.  Do it.

Do not pick at pimples

The most tempting thing to do when we have a break out is to pop all the zits with our fingers. This is the worst idea, as we not only transfer the bacteria from our nails and fingers to open zits, but also to other parts of our face. We must make a conscious effort to avoid touching our face, as this can increase breakouts and irritate broken skin membranes.

Get enough sleep

The thing even people who have the best skincare routine fail to do, is get eight hours of sleep. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Studies have shown a person’s attractiveness drops significantly when they are sleep deprived, and the stress causes additional bursts of acne. Get some good old shut eye, as this is the most important part of your makeup kit.

Use a good facemask

A good facemask to exfoliate the skin is essential. Fruit based masks, like avocado, orange, grape, papaya blended with honey or oats can be made at home too. The nutrients in these fruits nourish skin, as well as making the skin soft and supple.  


Follow these tips and see for yourself the staggering difference in your skin texture!