Discover your dream salary with this lifestyle calculator

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Discover your dream salary with this lifestyle calculator

What's your dream salary?

Have you ever wondered what your dream lifestyle would be like and how much you’d need to make that a reality?  Stay Sourced have released this lifestyle calculator so you can see exactly how much you’d need to earn in a year to make it come true!

It’s really quick and fun to use.  Want to know what my dream salary is?...


£53,000 !!


This is based on my answers:
Facts: 31 years old, female, South West England, 2 children, no pets, supermarket
Desires: Detached house, family car, chain restaurant, high street, short haul holidays

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Most of my answers were actually what I do now and I think even if I had more money I wouldn’t change the way I am.  I’m happy with High Street clothes, but this is now a desire as with raising two kids and buying our first family home means I don’t go shopping regularly for clothes.  I can only buy when I need, not when I want.  Before kids I’d clothes shop every week!

I’m also happy shopping at regular supermarkets.  We normally shop at Tesco as it’s the closest to us, but I do shop at Waitrose around once per month (is this a high end supermarket or normal, I don’t know?!)

We have a semi-detached house, but ideally I’d love a detached house with more privacy in the countryside.  One day...

I also chose to eat at chain restaurants each weekend.  This used to be more than a weekly occurrence for me before children, but now it’s a special treat, not every weekend.

I have quite a small car, but I guess a family car with more room would be more beneficial for our family now.  It would be great to have the money to shop around, but I am quite happy with my little car for now.  Big cars scare me a little!

I’d love a yearly short haul holiday to the Canary Islands or Greek Islands.  We do visit Germany once a year to visit family, but I’d love a beach holiday abroad as a family soon.  We’ve so far only visited Cornwall as a family, but I hope to stay at an all-inclusive beach hotel somewhere sunny in 2018.  It has to be done!

Most of my answers stayed the same as how I live now.  I’m not bothered about having any pets and I’m happy with two children.  I used to want more, but now I’m looking forward to leaving the baby years behind us!  I don’t mind where we live, but would rather live more rural or nearer a beach if I could.

£53000 is a huge wage and much higher than the average.  It definitely is a dream salary as it would enable me to be worry free, get my dream home, go on regular holidays and enjoy more days out.

What’s your dream salary?  Try the calculator at


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