The Best School Name Labels I’ve Found (Dishwasher & Washing Machine Safe)

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Best School Name Label Stickers

Stick on name labels - dishwasher + washing machine proof!

My youngest Reuben has started nursery today!  I suddenly realised last week I needed to label all his items and quickly.  He probably wouldn’t want Bella labels all over everything, even though we already had a stack of those!  Luckily I knew just where to order some from as I believe I have found the best school name labels ever.

These labels are amazing.  I have always ordered them for Bella and they don't require any sewing or ironing.  Just stick and go on clothes, stationery, lunchboxes, bottles and more!

I can't stand ironing or sewing labels.  If you can't either then read on.  These stickers will be made for you too!

woven labels uk just stick name review blog lylia rose stickers (2)

The labels I’ve been using religiously for Bella’s school belongings and now for Reuben are small stickers with her name on.  They are glossy, washproof stickers!

These stickers are super sticky, but somehow also remove without residue, so you can pass items of clothing on without names sewn/marked in them.

These labels are so sticky they stick on clothes, Tupperware and even on backpacks without coming off.  The best thing is they go through the washing machine and dishwasher at super high temperatures without fading or coming off either.  Amazing!

I still have some stuck on plastic pots and bottles from 2 years ago when Bella was at playgroup and they still look just as good.

Realising I didn’t have name labels for Reuben’s settling in day last week, I popped on their website and luckily they had an express delivery option so my labels came next day, just in time.  Phew!

woven labels uk just stick name review blog lylia rose stickers (3)

They are called Just Stick Clothing Name Labels and can be ordered from Woven Labels UK at 

I'd highly recommend them and we will continue to use these year after year.  They are just so easy to use and save so much time and faff.



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