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teakruthi loose tea review and £8 discount code

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Over the past couple of years I have become a little tea obsessed. 

I was a huge coffee addict, but I always got that weird fake-awake coffee buzz and the dreaded slump afterwards.  I got to the point where I had to have my coffee fix.  I couldn’t start my day at the office without having my morning coffee.  I couldn’t function without it. 

But the truth be told, I never felt great drinking it.  I didn’t really feel energised, refreshed or satisfied.  It also left a foul after taste in my mouth and I must have always had that stinky coffee breath. 

A couple of years ago I decided to stop drinking coffee.  I had tried before, but always got so tired after a couple of days that I caved in and poured myself a cup.  I finally hit the point where enough was enough and I stopped once and for all, turning my hot drink passion to tea instead. 

Teakruthi Review Scrumptious Plantation Fresh Loose Leaf Tea Lylia Rose UK

Knowing the benefits of green tea I forced myself to drink it every day and now I love it! 

Most people comment they can’t drink it and one friend even remarked it tastes like pee! 

My advice to you?  Just keep trying it. 

It can take several tries for your taste buds to adapt and once they do, you’ll be drinking something with outstanding health benefits. 

Getting a taste for herbal tea

Once I got the taste for green tea I branched out into other herbal teas and this has recently turned into a new addiction, albeit a better addiction than my earlier coffee obsession! 

Tea makes me feel good.  I don’t get that horrible fake-awake feeling, but a slight uplifting feeling with natural energy. 

I don’t get the horrible slump afterwards either leaving me gagging for another cup.  I can take tea or leave it.  I can have one cup in the morning and that is it, or I can quite happily sip tea all day purely for the enjoyment, rather than having to get a fix.

Now I’m no tea connoisseur, just a regular tea drinker who is branching out into the wonderful world of different flavour teas and a beginner at brewing loose tea leaves.  Whilst researching many teas online there are entire blogs devoted to the subject of tea drinking! 

Who knew?  It is like a hobby in itself which is quite astonishing!  Although I am no expert, I will gladly review teas should the chance come my way, and luckily for me it recently did.  I was contacted by teakruthi to see if I wanted to sample some of their ‘plantation fresh’ loose teas.  Of course I did! 

Teakruthi Review Scrumptious Plantation Fresh Loose Leaf Tea Lylia Rose UK

What makes teakruthi different?

teakruthi are self-confessed #TeaAddicts who deliver the ‘Finest teas Plantation Fresh to your doorstep.’ 

They handpick their teas and do not add additives. 

From picking to arriving on your doorstep, the process takes only 3 months. 

Apparently many other companies use a process which can take up to 8 months for the tea to reach you losing many of its benefits and taste along the way.  

teakruthi use Ceylon tea which they source ethically from plantations in Sri Lanka.

The teakruthi website & ordering experience

The website is full to the brim with lots of delicious sounding teas and no end of useful information to help you brew the perfect cup. 

If you’re new to tasting different varieties of teas, like me, you’ll be pleased to see an option for sample sized packs of all of their teas. 

These packs give 3-5 servings, but really this is much more as you can steep most of these servings up to 3 times each! 

I decided to pick four sample size packs so I could try a wide range.  I chose two flavours I knew I’d like and a couple of new flavours to try. 

The order process was quick and easy (from my iPhone) and the teas promptly arrived in a cool black branded box (perfect for a gift).   The teas are loose and although I already have a special diffuser cup thing, it was an added bonus to receive a diffuser in the package. 

Now I can brew two teas at once!  Handy info cards for each tea were also in the box, so I can learn exactly where each tea is grown, the plantation to doorstep process and a mouth-watering detailed description of each tea.

Teakruthi Review Scrumptious Plantation Fresh Loose Leaf Tea Lylia Rose UK

Teakruthi Review Scrumptious Plantation Fresh Loose Leaf Tea Lylia Rose UK

Cinnamon Chai

This was a flavour I knew I’d like.  I’m a big chai tea drinker already and just love cinnamon.  Expecting a rush of spice I decided to add a touch of honey which they suggest as an optional condiment.  This tea was actually a lot milder spiced than I’m used to and so the honey made it too sweet.  It would make a wonderful after meal ‘dessert tea’ however!  The tea was delicious though, with the cinnamon clear to taste.  This is one to drink plain unless you have a very sweet tooth.

Lemon Kandy

Lemon and ginger tea is a regular favourite of mine, so I couldn’t resist the sound of Lemon Kandy.  This tea is scrumptious and an ideal wake me up tea.  The lemon is tangy and refreshing.  Although it’s a black tea, I found it easy to drink plain without the addition of milk (which would totally ruin the lemon flavour anyway!)

Ceylon Ivory

This tea was recommended to me by one of the owners.  I can see why!  It’s the first white tea I have ever consumed and I’m now a convert.  It costs quite a lot more than the other teas and is more than I’d spend on tea, but it is a pure premium tea of exceptional quality.  I even had to make Ben a cup of this as soon as I’d tried it so he could taste it for himself.  His response?  ‘Oh wow, this is lovely’.  Yep, it really is a special cup of tea, perfect as an indulgent treat or gift for someone special.

Rainforest Indulgence

As this is a strong black tea, I decided to add a dash of milk in case I was blown away by the strength!  I now understand what is meant by ‘full bodied’ as it is exactly how I wish to describe this tea.  It is the most delicious cup of tea (with milk) I have ever experienced.  Rainforest Indulgence is full of all sorts of flavours which hit every corner of my mouth.  I’ll brave it without the milk for my next cuppa for a full taste explosion!

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