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What makes a happy child?

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We all want the same things for our children for the most part. We want them to be successful, fulfilled, loved and most of all, we want them to be happy.

There are many research articles that show that happy children are the product of their environment. So, if your home is a happy one, your children are likely (not guaranteed of course) to be happier in their natures.

Positivity and optimism are important in childhood as how secure you feel in your formative years can make a difference to the years later. The family that gets to spend time together on a regular basis is a happy one.

What makes a happy child

What makes a happy child?  Presence not presents.

When we spend our time giggling and having fun, the kids are happier and healthier and feel like they have a purpose in the world. The first step to happy kids is actually a happy you.

Life gets busy and work commitments, shopping and what feels like never-ending housework can get in the way of a happy family life.

Trying to balance obligations and paying the bills isn’t easy and when you throw kids into the mix, you can end up with tiny ones feeling a little neglected. 

That’s not your fault. That’s life’s fault. No one chooses to pay less attention to their children and this can sometimes result in gifts being given to make up for the lack of time that they have with you.

It’s a common misconception that children need ‘things’ to be shown love when really, they just want ten minutes of your time with a good book or game to play.

Raising happy children doesn’t mean plying them with the latest video games – although I’m sure they won’t say no to that. It’s not about whether they have the latest designer trainers, cooolest bike or biggest TV in their bedrooms.

These things are nice to have but any child would prefer the company of their mum or dad and some quality time spent just talking to them and being heard.

A child only feels important if they are listened to and their emotional wellbeing is only soothed by feeling connected. This can happen through friendships at school but mostly, kids want to impress their parents.

They want to feel assured and secure in their place in the family and that includes not putting them on a pedestal and granting every childhood wish.

We cannot control the happiness of our children, all we can do is make sure we keep ourselves as parents happy and ensure that we allow a platform for responsibility and respect for the kids. This can give them that purpose that breeds contentment and keeps their self-esteem level and balanced.

How we speak to and treat the children we have in the early years will set their happiness up for the remainder of their lives. Rather have them remember happy times than sad and the more we give them that time, the happier they will be.