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How to host an awesome slumber party for your kids

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As a child, the idea of your friends staying over for the night is thrilling, but for parents it might be terrifying! Caring for a group of over-excited kids, making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is looked after can be stressful, even for the most chilled out of parents.

But if your child is set on a slumber party and you’ve finally given in, here are some tips that will make the whole process easier.

Start Small

If you don’t host slumber parties often or it’s your child’s first one, it’s best to start small. The more kids involved, the more difficult (and stressful!) it’s probably going to be. Allowing a just a couple of friends, particularly children you know to be well behaved will make the process a lot easier.

Get Up To Date Contact Details From Parents

When your child’s guests are dropped off, be sure to take down up to date phone number from the parents. Hopefully, there will be no emergencies, but if someone starts feeling ill or just wants to go home, then you’ll need to be able to get in contact.

Sometimes kids can feel like they’re ready for their first sleepover or slumber party but later on decide they want to go home. Make sure everyone knows that this is perfectly OK, so there’s no upset or worry from your young guests.

Make Sure There’s Place To Sleep

If your child’s room is big enough, everyone could lay their sleeping bags on the floor- putting blankets or duvets underneath will make it comfier. Alternatively, you could allow them to have their slumber party downstairs in the living room.

You could even pitch a tent indoors for a fun, safe ‘camping’ experience! If your child has guests over to stay often, you could consider buying childrens bunk beds, or a trundle bed where an extra mattress slides out from underneath.

Think About Dietary Requirements

We all know how picky kids can be with food, so when you’re catering for a group of them it’s something you might want to put some thought into! Ask your child to discuss meal ideas with their friends, and ask parents if there are any dietary requirements you need to bear in mind. Some children might not be able to eat certain things due to allergies or religious reasons, so this is something to find out.

To make things easier you could order some pizzas and allow people to choose their own toppings, or you could put together a tea party style finger buffet where everyone can pick out the things that they want.

Put Together Some Activities

To keep everyone occupied you will need to provide things to do. You could leave out a selection of movies, buy some magazines aimed at their age group and even buy some pampering products like face masks and nail polish depending on the age and interests of the group. You could purchase some inexpensive crafts and things to do, or look on Pinterest for ideas.