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The hottest jewellery trends for 2017

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All fashionistas know that it is jewellery that ‘maketh the outfit.’ But with so many fashions and trends about at the moment, how do you know which ones to invest in and which ones to bypass?

Read on for some relevant suggestions below so you will know that your jewels are always on trend and looking fabulous. 

Statement pieces

Statement jewellery is still bang on trend this year. Although you will find folks wearing it a little differently than before. Necklaces are long and heavy. We’re talking down to your stomach long, rather than the collar style statement piece we have seen recently.

You will also see oversized statement pieces in the form of earrings this season. These are usually asymmetric and bejeweled, so more of a high fashion, or evening look than for every day.

90s boho vibe

Another hot trend for 2017 is the continuation of the 90’s boho vibe in jewellery. This is marked by the use of layers of items in metallic hues such as silver, gold or rose gold.

For instance, why wear just one ring, when you can wear two or three on each finger? It might sound expensive to do, but if you check out sites like this 925 silver rings one, you don't have a to pay a fortune for this look.

Just make sure that you size the rings right, though. As the ones for the top of your fingers needs to be smaller, so they stay on properly.


To go along with the Gothic influence style trend that we will see coming to the fore in 2017,  there will be a lot of crosses used in jewellery this year. In particular, they will be chunky, in dark colours or made from mineral stones such as jet.

Team these up with black ruffles or lace for an Addams Family style vibe. Or, contrast a lighter more modern outfit with them instead for a fresher look.

Art Nouveau

Another fantastic trend to be aware of this year is Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is a historical art movement where line are kept flowing and natural, and nature is of a huge influence.

You can find some new pieces being created in this style. But a better bet might be to find something that is vintage from a specialist site or an auction site. You may even be lucky and find something like this from a car boot or jumble sale, so keep those eyes peeled!

Mineral Stones

Of course, when thinking of jewellery, you can get away without thinking about precious and semi-precious stones as well. This year’s focus, stone-wise will be on minerals.

Things like jasper and turquoise are going to be seen a lot for that for that boho meet wild west look! Also, agate slices, trimmed with gold and made into necklace and bracelets will be super popular as well.


Regarding that one particular piece that you just can't do without in 2017, it has to be the bangle! Whether it's chunky or thin, made from precious metals or cheaper resources. A single stylish bangle is definitely the way to go to set off your outfit and be a bang on trend.  I love how Diamond Treats have been creative in their blog post about creating Disney jewellery and used a stack of gold bangles to bring Disney character Esmerelda to life.  Layered up bangles really can be quite mystical and magical.