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Have you experienced the terrible twos?

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What are terrible twos?

Terrible twos: tantrums, screaming, protesting and more!!

I am now that mother.  The one I used to feel sorry for who had a screaming toddler having a tantrum as she walked around the supermarket.  I did hope I'd escape this troublesome stage, but the terrible twos are upon us.  Wondering what I'm talking about?  Read on to see what our littlest monkey is putting me through!

Here come the terrible twos…

Uh-oh, here come the terrible twos and don't we know it!  Reuben is two on Sunday and we are well and truly into the terrible twos already.  Let me tell you it is quite a shock!  Bella didn't play up until the troublesome threes, so we totally missed the strops and terrors of the terrible twos. We wondered what all the fuss was about.

Now we know! 

Reuben is well and truly making up for the both of them.  This started about a month ago whilst still one.   He’s quite a stubborn little character. If he wants his way, that's it, nothing else will happen. I've had to walk to school several times with him in the pram with no rain cover, no shoes, no hat and no coat.  Not because I haven't spent 30 minutes trying to wrestle him into it all, with him absolutely refusing.   As soon as I do get it on he just takes it all off anyway.  Arg!

I do wonder what the mums at the school must think!  Oh, there’s that mum again with that soaking wet child with no shoes and coat on, what a terrible mum!   If only they knew what I’d been trying to do for the last half hour.   The rain cover is ripped where he hates it over him so he tries to get it off kicking and pulling it, so now it’s ripped with a hole in which makes it quite dangerous as he could get tangled in it!

It might just be me though.

He already knows to play Mummy up.  When I collect him from nursery he’ll go fetch his coat when asked and let the ladies put it on without a fuss!  Good as gold!  Little monkey!

It's the same with his nappy.   He kicks and screams and puts his knees up to his chest when I'm trying to change his nappy!  At nursery he just lies there.  For my Mum, he just lies there…

I've also had to do that dreaded supermarket shop where they just scream their head off or have a tantrum the whole way round.   Luckily we didn't once have this with Bella. Yes of course she has strops and screeches at us, but usually this has always been at home.   We never had it in the supermarket.  Reuben has at least three times already in the supermarket.  Screamed the whole way round!  I usually really need to grab something so have to run round as quickly as I can with him screaming his head off or having a strop and everyone staring at me!

I really hope this means he’ll have the terrible twos, but not the troublesome threes?