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Get a better night’s sleep and other benefits of the IllumiBowl *

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IllumniBowl review

Make late night toilet trips fun with a toilet night-light!

Do you regularly need to have a wee in the middle of the night, disturbing your peaceful slumber?  Do you children wake up for the toilet and in turn wake you up with a noisy extractor fan?  Sick of being blinded by the bathroom light in the middle of the night?  Solve all these problems easily.  Read on for the perfect solution.

Get a better nights sleep and other benefits of the IllumiBowl Review Blog

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light Review

I’ll admit, when I first saw the opportunity to review the IllumiBowl I scrolled right past it.  I’m not one for gadgets or items which only have a novelty value and I thought this was one of those.  Then I came across it again and I took a little look.  Actually, this could be a really useful product I thought to myself.  I messaged them and they kindly sent me one to review.

I don’t know about your bathroom set up, but I’ll tell you mine.  We have one of those impossibly loud extractor fan thingies linked up to our light switch. Not our idea might I add – it was like that when we moved in three years ago.  Now whosever idea it was, it was a bad one. 

If you need to pee in the middle of the night with two young children in a room either side of the bathroom, you’re going to want to be as quiet as possible.  Not in our house.


That’s the sound it makes for the duration of any bathroom trip, even at 2am.

If it were up to me I’d definitely have installed a SEPARATE pull cord for the extractor fan so we can CHOOSE when it is used.  The only good thing is it doesn’t carry on whirring once the light is switched off or that would be even more annoying.

Get a better nights sleep and other benefits of the IllumiBowl Review Blog

So I started thinking perhaps this IllumiBowl could be a great invention after all.  It would save us having to turn the noisiest extractor fan in the world on when the children are in bed.

Not only that, but isn’t it horrible when you’re half asleep and you have to blind yourself with the intense full on bathroom light when you need a midnight wee?  A softer glow of colourful light sounds much more appealing.

Bella, who is four, often wakes up for night time wees.  These come with two problems.  The first being said extractor fan which wakes us up.  The second is sometimes she’s scared of the dark and calls us rather than fumbling around to find the light pull.

Both problems are solved with the IllumiBowl as it is motion activated.  As soon as Bella steps into the bathroom the light is activated.  The bowl is lit up and she enjoys a middle of the night disco pee on our glowing toilet!

Get a better nights sleep and other benefits of the IllumiBowl Review Blog

Reuben is still in nappies, but I already know he’s going to love peeing on the disco toilet as soon as we start potty training.  I’m confident it will make the process a whole lot easier and more fun.

Have a look at for more information or to make your nightly bathroom trips much more exciting.  You can also chat to IllumiBowl at or

Do you have a night light for your toilet?