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Keen cyclist? Read why you must consider cycling insurance *

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Save money on your cycling insurance 

One thing I’ve never thought of is having cycling insurance, but actually it totally makes sense.  Roads are very scary places and I think we’re a pretty long way off having safer cycle paths on all streets and busy main roads.  It’s scary as a driver in a protective car sometimes, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who cycle absolutely everywhere, especially down narrow country lanes where cars seem to think it’s acceptable to go 20 miles per hour above the speed limit.  I can feel a rant coming on to join my many other rants about unsafe drivers I see every day.

Keen cyclist? Read why you must consider cycling insurance get 10% off with pedalsure

Unfortunately those idiotic drivers may be the very reason you need to consider covering yourself in the event of an accident as a cyclist.  Or perhaps you may have a terrible fall off your bike of your own accord.  Being out of work and the health costs of an injury can amount to more than we might think.  We all have car insurance and wouldn’t dream of driving around without any, but how many of you have insurance for you and your bicycle?  If you’re a serious rider then you shouldn’t pedal anywhere without it.

So where do you get cycling insurance?

PedalSure offer competitive Cycling Insurance for You and Your Bike. They provide unrivalled personal accident cover up to £150,000 and the widest range of options.

Once you cover your Bike with Theft & Accidental damage you can then choose from the following bicycle insurance options:

  • 30/60 Days Overseas Extension
  • Bike Box & Air Transit Cover
  • Dental & Physio
  • Competition Use (Sportive as Standard)
  • Up to £150k Personal Accident
  • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

PedalSure was launched back in 2015 to address the issue that many cyclists are under insured themselves with little or no personal protection.   Since then they have added many options to suit the cycling commuter and enthusiast as well as their bikes.

To save 10% on your cycling insurance use my exclusive link:

Have you considered cycling insurance before now?