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The Cibo review: make mealtimes less messy *

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The cibo catch the mess silicone placemat making mealtimes less messy

The Cibo review

Did you ever read my blog post Six Things I Wish My House Had (because of small children)?  Well one of them has sort of been invented!  I wrote about how I need a highchair with pockets to catch all the falling food and my prayers have been answered thanks to The Cibo placemat.  I was kindly sent not one, but two Cibo placemats (or rather place’mates’) to review.  I couldn’t resist trying these out as I knew they were an awesome invention.  I was only expecting one so it was a lovely surprise to receive two in the post, allowing Bella and Reuben to have one each and not squabble over one!

Reuben who has just turned two definitely makes the most mess at dinner times, but Bella still has a pretty good go at four and a half.  The Cibo placemat is a fun character silicone mat which will catch all their crumbs and more.  The silicone material allows it to stick non-permanently to a table with its open pocket 'mouth' hanging over the edge ready to catch and gobble up any falling mess.

The Cibo Catch The Mess Childrens Placemat Crafts Food Kids

The Cibo is a real character with its adorable huge cartoon eyes making meal times and even craft time more fun and less messy!  The placemats aren’t just for food, but can also be used at craft times to catch all those little bits and pieces that just seem to get everywhere.  Bella is a big fan of Aquabeads and they roll around all over the place.  Even crayons, Lego, felt tips, basically anything where there are lots of little pieces, always end up all over the floor.  The placemats are going to look so cool on their playroom table ready to catch all these bits.

No more crawling under the table to pick them all up and no more whinging at my kids for all the mess they are making.  Thank you Cibo for saving me this tedious chore every day!

Need more convincing?   You can be safe in the knowledge The Cibo is BPA free, phthalate free, contains no harmful dyes, it’s easy to clean with a quick wipe or rinse, it’s top rack dishwasher safe and is a super fun way to give yourself a lot less mess to tidy up every day.  There are four bright colours to choose from – pink, green, red or blue. 

Are you sick and tired of cleaning up food off the floor or picking up crafty bits and pieces all day long?   You need The Cibo!