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5 tips to save money this Easter *

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The Easter holidays are almost upon us and similar to all other holidays celebrated; it can end up costing far more than originally planned.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to reduce the cost and stay within your Easter budget.  Below are some top tips on how to save cash as a family over Easter.

1. Reduce the cost of Easter outfits

If you’re having an Easter themed party or fancy dress, why not make your own costumes?  Store bought costumes can cost a small fortune, so it’s wiser to make your own.  Check out local charity shops and eBay too as they often have second hand outfits at a fraction of the original price.

2. Make your own Easter baskets

Easter hampers and baskets can be quite pricey so have a go at creating your own instead.  Visit a pound shop to buy a basket and fill with Easter themed goodies and treats.  Purchase some clear cellophane and ribbon to wrap them up and give a professional finish. 

3. Host a bring your own picnic

If the weather is set to be good, why not organise an Easter picnic?  Make use of a local hill or public park, or if you have enough space in your garden why not invite friends and family over?  Ask each person to bring one or two dishes and share the food.   This is a much cheaper alternative to going to expensive meals out as well as being a lot more relaxed and fun.  Everyone loves a good picnic!

4. Make Easter goodies instead of buying them

Since Christmas the stores started introducing Easter themed chocolates and now they are filled to the brim with them!  Many of these eggs are overpriced and you’re paying for a lot of fancy packaging and not much else.  Take a look online or in your favourite recipe book for some great ideas to make some homemade goodies instead.  You’ll save some money, impress your friends and family, as well as have some creative fun in the process.

5. Use Cashback Sites, Freebie Sites & Deal Sites

There are many sites that offer discounts and freebies that you could use to save money over Easter.  Never buy anything without checking if you can get cashback first! WOW FreeStuff currently have a deal with Top Cashback where you can get a free Thorntons easter egg up to £13.95, which is a fantastic saving.

Share your Easter money saving tips in the comments!