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How to host the ultimate BBQ

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April is FINALLY here – this means both the sun and the flowers in our gardens are going to grace us with their presence again! If you’re anything like me, there are two thoughts that instantly pop into my head as soon as the warm weather starts to creep its way back into our lives: Where are my shorts & how soon is too soon to whip the BBQ out?

Well my answers are, the shorts are probably in that sad unattended drawer in your wardrobe (where they’ve been since October) and it’s never too soon to start BBQ season! For those of you, like me, who simply can’t wait to play BBQ hostess this year – I have come up with some of the most inventive ways to get people talking about your get-togethers for months to come.

Scrub Up The Place

First impressions are everything, you really don’t want your house guests to step into your garden only to be greeted by an unkempt landscape. Do the chores like mowing your lawn and tidying up your flowerbeds, sure, but also think about jazzing up your garden furniture – whether it be with a new lick of paint for your fencing or splashing out on some cool new outside lighting. People will appreciate that you’ve made the effort.

Be Food Fabulous

It’s tempting to get a bit carried away when it comes to food shopping for the big day, but you should be strict with yourself to four/five interesting and unique dishes that will knock the socks off your guests. Here are a couple of vegetarian inspired BBQ recipes that I really think you should try:

  • Griddled Vegetables & Feta with Tabbouleh – Every BBQ needs a killer side dish and you’ve certainly found one in this recipe. With a smoky, yet subtle, flavour – do you really need an excuse to pack your plate full of feta?
  • Salt & Pepper Tofu Skewers – If any of your friends are vegetarians/vegans then I can’t recommend these enough, they taste fantastic! You’ll even find the carnivores pinching a few…   

Crown Yourself Cocktail Queen

Sure, everyone’s mind goes to food when they first thing of BBQ’s, but the drinks are just as integral to the event. Make yourself some delicious and refreshing cocktails for your guests to slurp all evening – just be sure to include plenty of ice to cool everyone down!  If you’re like me and you don’t drink alcohol just don’t add it or replace the alcohol content with even more fresh fruit juices for a flavour explosion!

  • Pina Colada Pineapple Cups – I’m not sure what else you want me to say about this, if you don’t like the idea of drinking out of a pineapple then I don’t think I want you at my party to be honest…
  • Philly Smash – Made out of a medley of summer berries and served in an old-fashioned glass, believe me when I tell you these cocktails are berry, berry good.

Ask For Help

I’m sure we all want to be the hostess with the most(ess), but running around on your own trying to cover every base will turn you red-in-the-face and you really won’t enjoy your own party!

Asking for the help from a few of your close friends with some of the more menial jobs can help massively take the load off you – introduce a BYOB (Bring your own beer) situation if you’re a bit short on pennies, too!