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2017 so far: I can and I will

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Believe in yourself and good things will happen!

I don’t know if it’s luck or four years of slogging away day and night at my little business and blog, but I really feel so positive this year as things are going really well.  I do wonder if a positive outlook helps people to be successful.  I’d had a pretty crappy 2016 and I’d already decided in my head that 2017 will be a great year and a great success.

I really believe if you put the hard work in then eventually it will pay off.  Here are some of my favourite inspirational mottos.


This is my new top motto!  I couldn’t get this out of my head the other day as I was driving around the countryside mystery shopping.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I was making my own money doing what I wanted to do.  It felt great.

I’d caught up on blog posts (for the first time in months) and felt like a change of scenery rather than sticking my head into my laptop for hours on end, as I usually do all day.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so I thought I’d check my Roamler app and Streetbees app for tasks.  There were loads so I got right to it!

Reuben was in nursery for the morning and Bella was at school.  I managed to make £42 that morning and drive around some beautiful countryside in beautiful sunshine having a break away from the computer screen.  It was bliss.

When I returned I’d been emailed two blog opportunities and also made £30 from some matched betting bets I’d placed in the morning.  Perfect!


There are so many great ways to start earning a living from home, even as a mum of two young children with a part time job.  If you put the work and dedication in you can succeed.

I get scared this is all a bit of a dream and suddenly my self-employed income will grind to a halt, but for five months now it’s been steadily increasing and I am more determined than ever to make being my own boss a long term reality.


Thanks to the internet there is so much free help and advice out there for anyone to make the life they want.  I read as much as I can every day and soak up as much information as possible to continue to learn, grow and develop.  I’m learning new things every day.  There’s never been a better time to start following your passion.  Everything is so much more accessible nowadays.