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5 tips to get a better night’s sleep naturally *

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Did you know you spend up to 25 years of your life sleeping?  That’s like a whole quarter of your life if you live to 100 or even more if not.  Crazy right?  I had no idea we spent so much time sleeping.  In fact, I had no idea about half the things in this video which highlights how important it is to get a good night’s sleep in the right position.

Read on to discover my top tips for getting a great night’s sleep.

You sleep for 25 years of your life.  Why it’s important to get it right:

This video is from a company called Adjustamatic who have launches a #SleepExperts campaign to highlight the benefits of Adjustamatic Orthopaedic Beds; beds which I’d never thought of investing in before and to be honest I’ve only really associated adjustable beds with the elderly or hospitals!  After watching the video I’m starting to think they are actually hugely beneficial to all ages.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a sleep expert come and assess you whilst sleeping and work out the perfect position for sleeping and reading in bed?  I wonder if such a service exists.

I rarely get a good night’s sleep.  I do actually sleep well once I’ve gone to bed.  Usually I’m so shattered I just zonk out and that’s it.  My problem is I don’t get enough sleep.  I go to bed too late and then get woken up too early by the children!  I tend to get 6-7 hour sleeps, which may seem like a dream to some, but my body needs 8-9 to feel refreshed and rested. 

Those 6-7 hours are not usually without interruptions either.  I have a four year old and two year old, so you can guarantee one of them will disturb my slumber at least once per night.  Whether it’s climbing into my bed, waking up with a bad dream, crying out in pain from growing pains, it’s rare for a full night's peace and quiet in our household.

I used to also be a terrible sleeper.  I’d struggle to get to sleep and spend hours on end tossing and turning trying to find that comfortable position. When I was in my early twenties I went through a phase of taking sleeping tablets to help, but now I really hate taking medication and avoid it at all costs if I can help it.  I really believe a few changes to my lifestyle and routine could have helped me sleep better naturally.

Here are my top five tips for getting a better night’s sleep naturally:

5 tips to get a better night’s sleep naturally

Do not have caffeine after 4pm

I really notice I take ages to sleep if I have a tea late in the day and especially in the evening.  Do you love to snack on chocolate in the evening?  Remember chocolate contains caffeine too!  That scrumptious before bed hot chocolate could actually be keeping you awake.

Use your bedroom as a bedroom

By keeping the bedroom as a place to sleep only it becomes a more relaxing place we subconsciously associate with resting.  If we busy ourselves in our bedrooms with lots of other activities it will become a busy place of entertainment in our minds.

Limit blue light from devices

It’s been proven that using electronic devices in bed with a blue glow can affect the quality of our sleep.  I’m sure my sleep has improved since using an iPhone with an orange glow for night time reading.  I’m able to read news on my phone for twenty minutes when I get into bed and fall to sleep immediately after.


I sleep much better when I’ve been out and about during the day and exercise for at least one hour.  This doesn’t need to be a full on work out, but even just walking at a good speed for one hour helps.  Walk to the shops instead of driving if you only need a few things, take half hour and explore your neighbourhood by walking down roads, paths and alleyways you’ve not used before.  Up your steps and up your sleep!

Make sure you’re comfortable

There’s nothing worse than a rickety old bed and lumpy mattress.  I’ve been there and it’s no fun waking up aching with a bad back every day because the bed is unfit for purpose.  It’s well worth investing in a good quality mattress and bed frame.   Sleeping in a comfortable bed really makes a huge difference to the day ahead and how happy you feel first thing.