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Going grey gracefully and naturally

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What will you do when your hair starts to grey or fall out?

I hope I will leave my hair au naturel and let it change colour.  I follow a natural skin care routine and hate the thought of nasty chemicals seeping into my body as well as washing them away into the environment.  The same goes for my hair.  I stopped dying my hair around three years ago once I started becoming interested in a greener beauty regime.  My hair has been its normal brown colour ever since and I’m probably one of the rare few who does not dye her hair.  Doesn’t it seem like dyeing hair has become the norm nowadays?

The dyes I used to use to colour my hair were full of awful strong smelling chemicals.  I now feel pretty guilty about washing all these down the drain and polluting our ever increasing toxic environment even more.  I also worry about the damage I’ve potentially done to my insides.  Some of this dye must end up in our bodies, the same as anything we put on our skin does.  That’s a scary thought as I certainly wouldn’t want to eat hair dye, yet it could end up inside me anyway.

I always used to think I’d dye my hair as soon as it started greying, but now I hope I’ll leave it to change colour naturally and I will grow old gracefully instead.  I’ve had the rare grey hair for a few years, but they don’t seem to stay or even keep coming back.  I do pluck out this odd hair if it resurfaces, so perhaps that’s a tell-tale sign that it may in fact actually bother me?  It’s very easy for me to say I won’t dye my hair when it happens, but I have no idea how I’ll feel when it does.

There are, thankfully, some truly natural hair dyes on the market which are plant based, organic and contain no chemicals at all.  By the time my hair starts turning I expect there will be even more products like these as I’m sure everyone is becoming more conscious of the ingredients in the products they use and questioning companies use of nasties.  If I really feel self-conscious of grey hair then natural products will be my first choice.

I was talking to Ben about this very topic just last night asking what he’ll do once the silver sets in or if his head starts to bald!  A funny thought as I just can’t imagine him like that at all.  He’s a couple of years older than me, but probably looks at least five years younger with no wrinkles, a smooth baby face and perfect skin.  He shows no sign of ageing at all, unlike me who looks haggard since having two children!  Ben says he also wants to grow old gracefully.  His response to me was simply ‘Well obviously I’ll go grey and bald if that happens’ in a very of matter of fact way. 

I do wonder if he may also change his mind once the ageing begins.  At least as women we only have the colour change to worry about (in most instances it would seem) and not losing all our hair.  I would definitely get a wig if all my hair came out!  Amazingly men can now get a hair transplant.  At Harley Street the FUE hair transplant cost seems pretty staggering at first (in the thousands), but actually I don’t think it’s that bad considering.  Considering the amount women spend on beauty products.  Considering the amount women spend on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures nowadays.  Considering the amount of money women spend on waxing, nails and beauty treatments.  I’m sure if we total this all up over our lives the figure will shock us. 

So Ben, if you do lose your hair and want a hair transplant that’s totally fine by me.