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10 things I don’t have enough time for now I’m a mum *

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There’s no doubt about it, becoming a mother changes you.  It also takes up a lot of your time.  A LOT.  No longer do you only have yourself to worry about and care for each day, but these little helpless human beings who depend on you for everything.  EVERYTHING.  It’s not something you can fully understand until you have children yourself.  I definitely didn’t.  It’s all consuming and often leaves you as the last priority.  There are things I used to do easily every single day pre-kids that I don’t stand a chance of doing anymore. 

Here are ten things I no longer have enough time for now I have kids:

  1. Sleep – do they ever lean to sleep through the night?  I don’t think we’ve gone a full week, or even few days, without one of them waking up, climbing into our bed or crying out.  A full night’s sleep is a distant memory.
  2. Make Up – gone are the days of spending hours getting ready for a night out (what’s that?) dolling myself up in false eyelashes, fake nails and a full face of flawless make up.  I daren’t leave the house before without a picture perfect face, now I’m lucky if I get to shove some concealer on my ‘mum bags’ (dark circles) and a lashing of mascara to look half decent each day.
  3. Fashion – give me comfy leggings and stretchy jersey clothes any day now I’m a mum.  The constant bending down to change nappies, cleaning, getting covered in snot/puke/sticky hands leaves no need to be dressed in high fashion.  Even if I did have the desire for the latest fashion and time to go on a shopping spree, I’d have no money left for it anyway.
  4. Cleaning – After spending my whole day tidying the house there’s just no time left for cleaning.  By the time I’ve tidied one room the kids will be sure to have messed up the next and so on.  Every day we play the tidying game.
  5. Books – The last time I read an entire book was on our babymoon.
  6. Drying my hair - In fact, even just washing my hair.  Drying my hair is out of the question. I don’t even know where my hairdryer has been for the past five years.  The thought of even washing my hair and how much effort and time it takes is enough to reduce me to one wash a week since becoming a mum.  Drying involves scrunching it up into a messy bun and hoping for the best.
  7. Peeing in peace – a little audience whilst trying to do my business is a common occurrence.
  8. Phone conversations – there’s just no chance.  I explain why in my blog post Please Don’t Ask To CALL Me
  9. Dressing myself – by the time I’ve spent no less than forty five minutes trying to get the children out of the house in their correct clothes for the school run (after they’ve taken them off, hid their shoes, refused to wear a coat/hat/gloves in minus temperatures) I’ll realise I’ve still got no socks/shoes/coat on myself.
  10. Drinking a hot drink – mmmm a hot cup of tea.  Just imagine that.