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Why the 2017 beauty trends are perfect for hectic mums *

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The #ExpertsInBeauty team at Ellisons professional beauty supplies have released the hottest beauty trends this year and for once they are something I can accomplish, even as a busy mum to two young children!  Usually the makeup trends are so time consuming and a work of art; think high-def eyebrows and contouring – two things I have no time or patience for (or have even bothered to learn since my beauty regime is a rushed ten minutes in the morning to make me look half presentable as I tackle the dreaded school run).

Luckily spring and summer makeup is always way easier.  A little bit of a sun tan goes a long way in reducing the amount of makeup I feel I need to pile on my face.  I’m pleased to see the three beauty trends in the above eBook are totally doable even with limited time, or even totally by accident for me and any other zombie caffeine fuelled hectic mother out there.

The hottest makeup looks for spring/summer (perfect for busy mums)

1.     Smudged eyeliner

Finally, eye makeup I can do without even trying!  I’ve never been able to master the thin liquid eyeliners, so it’s always been a kohl pencil for me to add an outline to the outer halves of my eyes.  This usually looks great for around one hour each day until I totally forget about the whole eye makeup on my face thing and rub my eyes.  Even without rubbing my eyes it somehow always manages to seep out of the neat lines that were once there and turn itself into a smudged gothic look with no effort on my part.

2.     Dewy skin

Hurrah!  A look I can naturally achieve with ease!  This is the look all oily skin types like me have been patiently waiting for as the matte look is finally out and the dew is in.  No longer do I have to spend copious amounts on mattifying powder and BB cream to try and disguise my oily face, but instead I can now let it shine naturally as it’s totally on trend.  If you’re one of those lucky folk who have naturally perfect matte skin then I’m sure running around after the kids, or just trying to leave the house on time will be enough to break you out in a slight forehead sweat to create this on trend dewy look in an instant.

3.     Glossy lips

This is my only lip routine each day; a smothering of nourishing vegan lip gloss to soothe my dry lips, give the impression of volume and add shine.  I much prefer a natural look so gloss suits me down to the ground.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bold colourful lipsticks on other people, but for me it makes me feel like I’m walking around in fancy dress and I feel ever so self-conscious.

Final word

So yippee! A full face of on trend make up I can totally achieve every day this summer, without even trying or spending a lot of money!