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How I save hours every week scheduling tweets with Social Oomph

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Wondering how to save hours every week by scheduling your tweets?  Wondering which platform allows you schedule tweets the easiest?  Wondering how to increase your page views and have more time to work on your blog?

Read on!

Blogging as a profession is hard work.  If you want to get your posts seen it takes a lot of time and effort.  One of the biggest things I see bloggers complaining about is lack of views.  My biggest complaint would be that I don't spend enough time actually blogging.

Yep, believe it or not I don't blog enough!

If I had it my way I'd be writing blog posts 24/7, but that's sadly not the reality.

I probably spend 20% of my time writing if I'm lucky and the rest is spent doing admin, emails, updating spreadsheets, searching for work, finding images, updating social media, tweaking my website and so on.

What if I told you there's a way you can save hours every day and get more page views?

The answer is Twitter scheduling.  And most importantly, scheduling with Social Oomph.

There are still the anti-scheduling bloggers out there, but personally for me it's so important. Scheduling  means I can get my content out there throughout the day, even if I'm not around, and instead concentrate my efforts on writing or other tasks. 

After all, no one can be on social media 24/7 and have time to create amazing content and do all the other tasks that need doing daily.  Oh plus raise a family and keep a home, etc etc.

Scheduling with Social Oomph means my content is regularly shared on Twitter to reach as many people as possible making Twitter my number one traffic source!

How long do you spend scrolling your Twitter newsfeed each day?

Me?  I spend around 10-20 minutes looking at my newsfeed each day.  I have notifications set up for the accounts I don’t want to miss and saved columns on Tweetdeck for those (like me) who post a lot.  Otherwise I don’t really spend that much time scrolling through the newsfeed.

This means to be seen by me you’re really going to have to be posting exactly at the time I am looking at Twitter.

So imagine you only post three tweets a day at 9am, 3pm and 6pm.  But I’m scrolling for twenty minutes at 9pm.  I’m not going to see your Tweet!

Apparently the ‘life’ of a tweet is only 18 minutes.  Twitter is busy, very busy and if like me you follow thousands of people then only those who post often throughout the day are going to stand a chance of standing out.

I used to schedule using Tweetdeck, but I spent one hour every morning scheduling that day’s tweets.  That was 7 hours a week.  That time could totally have been spent on growing my website in other ways.  That’s pretty much one whole day’s worth of work just spent on scheduling!

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Now you can see why I love Social Oomph!

It takes me a few minutes (if that) after writing each blog post to schedule it regularly for the next few weeks whilst it’s new content and then if it’s evergreen content I’ll add it to my ‘Blog Posts’ reservoir where it will go out forever more.  My blog posts reservoir has over 400 blog posts that are scheduled to go out once every 30 minutes during the day, one at a time, so it takes a long time to get through the lot, then it starts again!

A few clicks and my new blog post is shared regularly for the next four weeks and occasionally forever more if I want it to be.

That’s it.  It saves me hours every week being able to set up recurring and forever more tweets!

Of course I still log in to Twitter two to four times per day to check my notifications, so don’t so leave those tweets running and run!  Make sure you still interact with those who interact with you.

Social Oomph really is a no brainer if you want more traffic, more visibility on Twitter and a heck of a lot of time saved scheduling every week.