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Travel bucket list: a luxury family villa in Sicily *

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I’m not sure if it’s this dreary weather that’s set in for the past few days, and unfortunately looks likely to stay, but I’ve been dreaming of faraway places I’d like to visit and adding to my ever growing bucket list of countries I’d like to visit.  I’ve also been considering the type of holiday I’d like to have.  Well Ben may very well prefer a camping holiday in a muddy field; I’d prefer something a little more luxurious.  After all, holidays are for spoiling oneself are they not?  Camping to me is an adventure, not a holiday.  A holiday to me is a break from it all, an escape from reality, a break from every day family life, a week or two of glorious sunshine, golden beaches and stunning scenery.  This is why I’ve added family villas in Sicily to my travel bucket list.

Villas in Sicily

I’ve not yet stayed in a villa, but it’s one of my top travel wishes.  The thought of a private pool, whole private home to ourselves and the gorgeous Mediterranean climate is enough to make me want to load up the credit card and jump on the next flight!

The villas in Sicily look ideal for families of all ages.  Many have luscious tropical gardens with salt water private pools surrounded by nature.  If you think you can’t afford it, think again.  Villa Lory in Marsala is currently only 1000 Euros for a week in April and May and sleeps up to eight people.  There are higher priced luxury villas, desirable seafront villas but also more affordable charming villas for those on a budget.

Sights to see in Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island found just off the toe of Italy.  Just Google images of Sicily and you’ll be presented with sparkling turquoise seas, stunning cliffs and incredible architecture.  You’ll begin to see why I’d love to explore this culture rich island. 

Sicily is a place of archaeological importance which homes some of the best preserved ancient Greek temples and Roman theatres.  The Temple of Concord is one of the best preserved in the world and dates back to the 5th century BC, pretty incredible right?

Taormina is a hilltop village that also looks a must see.  It is one of the most visited parts of the island thanks to its astonishing ancient Roman theatre built in the perfect spot with volcanic and Ionian sea views.  Mount Etna, the world famous active volcano, is next to Taormina and provides a unique backdrop to the ancient theatre.  The theatre is very much still in use, showing plays and hosting an annual film festival.  Can you imagine watching a show in these unforgettable surroundings?

These sights really are only the tip of the iceberg in Sicily.  There is no end of things to do and see in Sicily and after researching I’m beginning to think one to two weeks is simply not enough.