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Smokers - stop making my children smoke!

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Smoking in public is selfish!

One of my biggest regrets is smoking.  I smoked from age 16-26 and smoked 10-20 on a normal day and a lot more if I went out to the pub or for a night out clubbing.  Now I think it’s a disgusting habit that kills you and I wish I had never ever started.  I also wonder if I’d have a lot less wrinkles now if I hadn’t of been a smoker for ten years.

I feel even more passionate about not smoking since losing two family members, who were heavy smokers, to lung and oesophagus cancer.  There’s no doubt in my mind smoking played a part in these cancers or caused them.  Cigarettes toxify and suffocate the cells in our bodies and contain well known carcinogens.

The worst thing about smoking is how selfish it is.  You cannot smoke alone.  If you smoke, everyone around you has to smoke, even if they don’t want to.  I can be twenty metres behind someone smoking walking along a pavement and I can taste their cigarette.  We now know the harmful chemicals stick to clothing and fabrics and are toxic for a very long time. 

Second hand smoke contains 4000 chemicals!  That’s 4000 more chemicals than I want me or my children to breathe in.  If I’m walking behind you, it’s highly likely I’m with my two children who also have to breathe in these chemicals. 

And that’s just not fair.  Not fair at all. 

Children should never be forced to smoke.  Because that’s what is happening – it may be ‘second hand smoke’ but it’s still chemical filled smoke which you’re making children breathe in.  Please think about this next time you light up.

I’m guilty too.  I used to smoke outdoors and not think anything of who was around me or how far the smoke travelled.  I never gave it a second thought, but I wish I did.