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Tips + tricks to stay beautiful as you get older

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I think most people will agree that they don’t look forward to getting older. Age brings with it a lot of things that can damage our confidence and stop us from feeling beautiful. I’m sure many of you reading this will have spent ages looking in the mirror and studying your face for the first sign of wrinkles, or desperately looking at your hair and willing there to be no greys.

The fact is, old age does things to our appearance, and we don’t like it. Sure, at some point, we can accept we’re old and that we will go grey and wrinkly. But, it’s those years before this point that are the worst; those years in your early thirties onwards where you’re really worried about looking older than you are.

It’s ironic how, when you’re in your teenage years, all you want to do is dress up and make yourself look a lot older. If you’re 17 and someone says you look 21, then you’re over the moon. But, if you’re 30 and someone thinks you’re 35, then you feel like the world is over.

Apart from those early teenage years, we spend our lives trying to look younger as it makes us feel beautiful when we get older. There are two main things I want to cover in this post today. Firstly, it’s totally okay to do everything to look younger. If that’s what makes you feel beautiful, then do it and don’t let anyone make you feel vain or superficial. Beauty is about loving yourself, and if you don’t love the way you look because you’re worried you look too old, do something about it!

The second thing I want to cover is how you can stay beautiful as you get older. In fact, the rest of this piece will talk you through a few key things to look out for as you age, and how you can solve these problems to look younger and more beautiful.  But by all means, if you are happy ageing gracefully and happy to let the grey hairs shine through and wrinkles develop then I’m all for that too!  It’s all about what makes us as individuals happy and if it makes you happy, I’m happy.

Are you here for the tips and tricks to stay beautiful as you get older? Then read on.

Tips + tricks to stay beautiful as you get older


Wrinkles are pretty much unavoidable. Eventually, you will succumb to them and your once tight and plump skin will get loose and wrinkly. We know this will happen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t delay it from occurring early on. It can be quite scary to be in your thirties and start seeing signs of wrinkles. It’s probably the thing that ages you the most and can be a major self-confidence worry.

There are various face creams you can use that are designed to tighten up your skin and keep it nice and smooth. If you want to go down the surgical route, there are places offering cosmetic botox, which can really help banish wrinkles when you’re younger.

You need to think about nutritional supplements too. Wrinkles occur because of things that happen in our bodies within our cell structure. If you can feed your skin cells with all their essential nutrients, they’ll stay in good condition for longer, meaning you won’t see many wrinkles. There are many supplements you can take for your skin, with biotin and vitamin C being two of the most effective.

If you can take steps to get rid of premature wrinkles and prevent them from occurring while you’re still young, you may feel so much better about your appearance. Many of us get down when we see wrinkles, and we don’t feel beautiful.

Grey hair

Grey hair is probably the earliest sign of ageing. As soon as we see the tiniest grey hair, we pull it out. We think it’s the beginning of the end and we’ll end up looking like our grandma within weeks. Often, you’ll spot one or two grey hairs when you’re in your twenties - but this doesn’t mean you’ll go fully grey right away; it can still take decades for things to happen.

However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that many of us feel bad about our appearance when we spot grey hairs. So, we may want to do something about it, to help us feel beautiful once more. The obvious, and most effective, solution is to dye your hair. By dying your hair, you can cover up all the grey hairs and keep your natural pre-grey hair colour and grow old elegantly.

There is one key thing to remember, which I mentioned in a previous article on going grey gracefully, and it’s that you need to use totally organic and chemical-free hair dye. Use hair dye with chemicals in and you’ll just damage the structure of your hair which can make it look very weak and straw-like.

If your grey hair is bothering you then do something about it.  You’ll no longer start panicking when you look at your hair if you only see a head full of your natural hair colour. Of course, you will need to keep applying the dye as it slowly washes out or more grey hair comes in. But, it’s well worth this minor hassle if it boosts your confidence.

Extra weight

Gaining weight is pretty much a natural path to go down as you get older. The simple fact is, when we enter our late twenties, we start to get busier than ever before. This is typically the time where a lot of people get married and start a family, meaning they now have pregnancy to think about as well as work, which makes it hard to stay active. Then, when one pregnancy comes, it can easily be followed by another in a few years. This does things to your body that makes it easy to put on weight.

Luckily, any weight you put on can easily be lost or transformed into muscle and tone. All you have to do is remain as active as possible throughout your life. Try your hardest to set aside 30 minutes, two or three days a week, to do some proper exercises. You’ll find this easier to do when your kids start going to school, as you have more free time. Or, if you work, you can do it on your lunch break.

If you can stay active and tone up your body, so you feel a lot fitter and more beautiful as you age.

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