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What to consider when choosing the perfect venue *

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Summer is finally upon us, yippee!  We have been bathed in glorious sunshine for days and I am super glad someone finally flipped the summer switch.  I’ve been busily getting the summer clothes out of storage and washing the kids fleece pyjamas to put on eBay.  I love summer and can’t wait to rid our home of winter for a few months.  Now summer is starting we can all crawl out of hibernation and start socialising at the many events summer brings; christenings, BBQs, weddings, corporate summer parties and good old get-togethers. 

Whilst planning a summer event is great fun, it can also be highly stressful!  Here are some tips to make sure you choose the perfect venue if you’re planning an exciting event this year:

Use a venue finder

Rather than wasting hours of precious time trying to locate the perfect venue yourself, use a company such as VenueFinder to do all the hard work for you!  It’s like a search engine for venues and you can filter it to your exact requirements.


Have a good think about the price you want to pay and set a maximum budget.  There’s no point in looking around a luxury manor house if you simply can’t afford it.  Once you have a set price you can look for venues within your price range.


Is the location accessible for your guests?  For a personal event friends and family may not be willing to travel too far, though if it’s very important to you they should find a way.  Just be mindful of those who need to get public transport and whether there is any within reasonable access of the location.

Gut feeling

If you’re looking for a location for a wedding or super special event then follow your instinct.  If you have any doubts, don’t book it!  Finding the right location for such an important event can be the difference to whether it’s an enjoyable day for you or not.


If everyone is travelling by car they’re going to need somewhere to park up on arrival.  Make sure the venue has plenty of parking (preferably free) for your guests.


Check the venue allows the type of entertainment you have planned and is adequately insured in case of any mishaps.  If you need plug sockets or electric outdoors, check this is available.

Service and Amenities

Does the venue offer a clean-up service, or do you have to tidy yourself?  Is there a toilet, baby change and disabled toilet?  How about a kitchen you can use if you need to?  Are tables and chairs provided, or do you need to bring your own? 

Confirm dates and timings

Most importantly, check the dates you require are free before viewing a venue, especially if you can’t be flexible.  Once dates are confirmed, make sure you know the timings.  How early can you arrive to set up – does this give you enough time?  What time must you leave by and if you are doing the clean-up, how much extra time is allowed for this?