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4 things that will help you to look good permanently

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Are you a selfieholic?

Did you know there is a national selfie day?  There was a hashtag floating about on June 21st to mark this occasion.  It seems there is a crazy national day for everything nowadays. I did not partake.  I’m not sure you’ll even find a single selfie of me on my social media accounts.  I’ve disliked my photo for years, but I hope now I have made a few changes to my face I’ll start to learn to like it a bit more and happily take some snaps with the kids.

Do you take a lot of selfies?  If you do then you need to always be camera ready!  As a busy workaholic mum of two kids I often leave the house in a messy mum bun as I’ve forgotten to brush my hair, once again, in the chaos of getting the kids out the door dressed whilst answering a billion dinging emails on my phone.  I don’t think I’m ever selfie ready!  I usually get back from the school run and realise I have not rubbed in my under eye concealer totally under one eye, or I have something stuck in my brace!  Yep I’m one of those mums where I’m probably always trying to do too much all at once and take multitasking to the next level, forgetting about myself and what I look like in the process.

Luckily there are a few cheats to make you always look your best (or as good as can be if you’re a hectic mama like me):

1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a god send for those who don’t want to wash their hair all the time. It helps to soak up oils and give fresh smelling and looking hair in a flash! Plus, if you spray it onto your roots and rub in with your fingers, it adds volume. Now, you can even get natural shampoo with no nasties.

2. Great Skincare

Taking care of your skin should never be taken for granted. Using quality products every morning and night will make all the difference.  I try to always use organic products, and definitely natural cleansers and toners.  They make my skin so much clearer and more amazing than chemical filled beauty products.

3. Self-Tan

Self-tan for a subtle glow is great for pasty girls who want to look a little healthier or even for us darker folk who don’t want to tan in the damaging sun rays. There are so many great self-tans out there, including natural based products.

4. Know Your Angles

If you are a ‘selfieholic’ then you’ll want to take your snaps from the best angles possible to show your best sides.  Perhaps I’ll even brave up and give it a go one day!