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Home carers - showing an old house some love

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When Ben and I bought our first home together just over three years ago, we disagreed.  I wanted a brand new house, but Ben wanted an older home.  I wanted the simple life of moving in and being able to buy furniture and décor immediately, without having to do any major repairs, renovations or much DIY.  Ben wanted the opposite.  He wanted an older home as he believes they are built better.  He was happy to test his DIY skills and embark upon a project.  As I usually get my own way and this was such a big expenditure I decided to give in and go for the older home.  We’ve been doing it up for three years and have been changing everything!  It’s certainly been a labour of love and a challenge with two young children.

A lot of people dream of moving into an old-timey home, a place that looks like it has real history. You want it to feel like it’s transporting you to another time but you don’t want it to actually take you back to when things were much less comfortable, much less convenient and unsuited to modern life!  Here, we’re going to look at how you give some new life to an old home without compromising what you love about it in the first place.

Utilities come first

If it’s a truly old home, then you’re going to need to take a closer look at the utilities such as the plumbing and the wiring. Not only are these essential, but there are plenty of old-fashioned taps and tubs that no longer have the appeal that they once did. When it comes to the things you use every day, updating for convenience is more important than preserving style.

The creaks and groans

Your home is supposed to protect you from the elements, first and foremost. An older house that hasn’t seen any maintenance or updates in some time is going to have a much harder time doing that. There are some great double-glazing companies out there that can help you update your windows for a start. But you have to look further up, too. If a home’s roof hasn’t been checked out in twenty-five years, it might have cracked or missing tiles that aren’t just going to let the heat out but are going to invite the rain and damp in as well.

Keeping the heart of the home

Of course, you don’t want to get rid of the age of the home entirely. If you did, you probably would have moved into a newer home. You can keep certain aspects of rustic design while updating it by using reclaimed materials in your newly renovated kitchen or sticking to natural materials like stone and wood throughout the home. If there’s old fashioned trimming to the roof, you can choose to highlight it rather than replace it, helping the home keep some of its character.

Making new use of old spaces

Not all of a home’s character is necessarily worth preserving, however. In particular, if you want to get practical, old homes tend to be full of awkward little spaces that bear little use in modern life. But you can give them a new purpose. For instance, an odd nook to a home can be updated with the help of a bespoke furniture installation service, such as adding a fitted wardrobe to make better use of available space. You might want to consider where knocking through a wall might help add a little more flow to the home, as well.

Final word

Making the best use of an old home is all about a little discretion. Figuring out what needs to be replaced, what needs just a little adaption, and what needs to be left alone. When you have those boundaries figured out, you’ll find it much easier to preserve the spirit of the home while making the reality much more suitable to you and your family.