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Blog design mistakes to avoid

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They say content is king and whilst that’s true, design is also ever so important.  Your content could be the best in the world, but if it’s on a really terribly designed website that’s difficult or irritating to use, then chances are people are going to click away.

Here I’m going to share my top 3 bug bears when it comes to blog design and content.  I also crowdsourced to see what other bloggers hate the most on other blogs and I’ll share 7 of those too. 

Personally I love a minimal design with a clean clutter free finish so the text is readable and the images stand out.  Do you disagree?  Design is a personal taste after all, but there are many similarities between popular blogs.

Here are three things that are going to make me click away from your blog.

A billion pop ups

I regularly come across blogs with far too many pop ups which are so irritating!  I’m not innocent here, I did have a pop up on my blog, but just one!  I had to hit the cross on four pop ups on one blog the other day before I could even start reading any content!  They were blocking my view.  If I was on my mobile then I wouldn’t even bother.  I’d have just closed the tab. 

It’s a good idea to try to get people to sign up to your mailing list so I do understand why people use them, but seeing as most people don’t like them I’ve changed my pop up to a less irritating bar at the top of my website which doesn’t cover anything else.

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Disco text

You know what I mean.  Neon text on a black background, usually in a silly font too!  Only suitable for, well, disco websites right?!  Or non at all.  If your website is a blog and you expect people to read lengths of text, then make it easy for them.  It’s really hard on the eyes to read huge blocks of text on a black background and even harder if the font is bright green, pink or orange!

Luckily most blogs I read are now black text on a white background which is so much easier on the eyes.

Blurry images

I am guilty of a couple of children photos where they are not perfectly in focus, but it’s tricky to always get them to stay still!  I try to avoid posting these sorts of images though unless I really can’t get a still shot or the photo still looks great anyway.  Sometimes it’s the only possible shot with wriggly kids!

But I’m talking about really blurry images, the ones where you can’t even tell what is in the picture.  Or the picture is so dark you can’t make anything out.  I’m no professional photographer, but I try to post clear photos and light ones where you can make out what the picture is of!

If your picture is really bad, try to get another or perhaps try to find a free stock image from Pexels or Pixabay.  For lots of useful photography tips from bloggers read how to take great photos for your blog.

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7 things other bloggers don’t like about your blog:

  1. Taking ages to load. I just will click off if I have to wait ages. And also if commenting feels like sitting an exam. I've been asked to verify email addresses, do math sums and all sorts - I just wanted to leave a little comment.
  2. The blogs that the videos start as soon as you land on them make me hate myself. Especially when I'm having a sneaky read whilst everyone else is asleep.
  3. Not being able to easily read it on a mobile. I do most of my blog reading when I'm commuting to and from work on the train so will be on my mobile. It's pretty annoying when you can't read or click through the site easily!
  4. I don't like when there is no visual aspect at all. I love to read all the writing but like it to be broken up by accompanying images too. If I don't know a bloggers writing style already and I see a page full of just writing it looks a bit daunting.
  5. If I have to click 'next page' to continue reading just so you get extra page are a blog not an online magazine...and FYI I won't read the magazines that do it either.
  6. When there is a ton of adverts within the post or links to all the different things the blogger is selling (ecourses, ebooks, printables). I'm fully supportive of people making a living from their blog but not at the detriment of their readers.
  7. When sites are too hard to navigate. Generally they are very busy with a lot of content, but just too hard to browse.

Hopefully these opinions will help you avoid these common blog design mistakes! 

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