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Bella Interview: 5 years and 3 months old

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It’s been seven months since I interviewed my daughter Bella, so it’s time for another interview with my now five year old!  I’m sick of hearing myself say it, but it’s because I can’t quite believe how it does happen, but time really does go so so so quickly when you have children and it speeds up even more once they start school.  Bella has finished a whole year of school and will no longer be a newbie in reception, but is now a year one!  Wowsers.

I’m going to interview Bella every few months as it’s so cute to interview her, but also I’m intrigued to see how her answers change as she grows up.  It will also be a great memory for her to look back on.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Uuuuuuum I really want to be a swimming teacher.  I like teaching.  Reuben says he wants to eat chocolate.

Do you not want to be a fairy anymore?

No! (Lots of giggling!)

Who is your favourite person?

Reuben because he is my best friend.

Who is your best friend at school?


What is your favourite thing to do at school?

I like to go outside and play.  I like to play on the smart board.

Where is your favourite place to go?

At school.

What is your favourite colour?

Red and pink.

What’s your favourite vegetable?

Carrots and potatoes.  They are nice and healthy.

What’s your favourite fruit?

Strawberries and raspberries.  They are yummy.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

Eat pizza, because I like the cheese!

What’s your favourite animal?

Giraffes.  They are as tall as houses!

Aaw!  Some surprising answers!  Usually Bella always wants to be a fairy or a mermaid, so a swimming teacher was a surprise!  I think it’s because there were some new starts in her swimming lesson this week and she got to help show them what to do.  It’s so cute she says her little brother, Reuben, is her favourite person.  Just recently she said she’ll marry Reuben when she’s grown up!  Pink is still her favourite colour, of course.  She loves fruit and veg – the only one she really dislikes is sweet potatoes, but she’ll always try them when I make them.  I had no idea she’d say giraffes as her fave animal, I was expecting fish or chickens as that’s what we have at home.  I love giraffes too, so it’s a great answer.