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8 great entertainment ideas for your next party

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If you’re planning a big celebration, such as a milestone birthday or a wedding, entertaining your guests is everything. Event planning can be hard work, so if you’re in the middle of sorting out your guest list, finding the perfect venue or designing party invites, we’re here to help. Here are 8 great entertainment ideas to make your next event one to remember.

1.       Fun with Food and Drink

Getting the menu sorted is one thing, but how about adding in some fun food & drinks elements too? You could have a themed food buffet or sweet treats table, perhaps on the theme of Lord of the Rings, Marvel vs DC or tempting Burlesque style? Chocolate Fountains always go down well, or anything else involving chocolate, for that matter.

Think of hiring a mixologist for the night to whip up dreamy cocktails for your guests. If you have a bit more space or it’s an outdoor event, how about getting an ice cream van to dispense delicious frozen treats, or a pizza van for those late night munchies?

2.       Event Photography

We live in a visual world of selfies, Snapchat and Instagram – so what better way to create memories than with proper photography? Make your guests feel like VIPs for the night by having an event photographer who goes round taking professional pics. And how about a red carpet for maximum posing?

Photo booths are also incredibly popular at parties. Supply a box of props (silly hats, oversized glasses, feather boas, plastic microphones…) and encourage your guests to clown around the camera in semi-private, then have the photos printed out Polaroid style. Huge fun!

Going one step further you could hire a professional photographer for your party.

This will ensure you get great quality photos and a memorable record of your event that your guests, and you, will love to view.

At a recent event the photographer printed the photos instantly for guests to take home with them. This was a great idea and added a special finishing touch to the event.

3.       Digital Graffiti Wall

You may have come across smart boards at college or work. Now’s your chance to use that type of digital white board technology in a fun and creative way. Get your guests to channel their inner Banksy and encourage them to be artistic, draw graffiti, leave comments about the event or just write their names. Spray paint and drip effect options are available for an authentic street art vibe.

4.       Living Statue

No doubt you’ve seen these street performers do their thing in busy city squares and plazas, to the amazement of the audience and the delight of many tourists. Often sprayed gold, silver or bronze, the artists actually do nothing at all; they will sit or stand in seemingly impossible positions for hours – just like a real statue! It’s a great skill to remain immobile for long periods of time, which deserves huge respect. The good news is that you can hire living statue performers for events, so why not make yours extra special?

5.       Fairground Attractions

Add an extra dimension to your outdoor event or festival with some classic fairground entertainment for all the family to enjoy. Coconut Shy, Hoopla or Hook-a Duck, anyone? Bring out the inner child in your guests and let them have candyfloss or toffee apples too.

If you want to go one step further for a more authentic feel, you could even hire a Helter Skelter, Swingboats or Hall of Mirrors. Maybe a Ferris Wheel or Rollercoaster is a bit too much, but if you have the space, how about a traditional merry-go-round, you know the one with the pretty wooden horses?

6.       Live Performers

Bring your party alive with some cool entertainment. Music-wise, all tastes can be catered for and anything is possible. Whether you book an up-and-coming young band, a classic tribute act or some unusual world music, if you choose your musical entertainment well, it will make your event one to remember. Why not broaden your horizon to include stand-up comedians, magicians or circus performers to add extra sparkle?

7.       Party MC

Obviously, music and entertainment is pivotal to any event, but have you thought about getting an MC to coordinate the proceedings? He could be a performer in his own right – most MCs are musicians or comedians that can hold the audience’s attention between acts. Whether he spins some tunes, tells a few jokes or gets the guitar out, it gives your guests a continued sense of entertainment. Party on!

8.       Fireworks Display

Finally, no party is complete without a grand fireworks display. Choose to time the spectacle to start the party off with a bang or as the final climax of the night. There are so many different styles to choose from to paint beautiful pictures in the sky – and it’s the perfect way to let everyone around know that you are celebrating something truly special.