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Looking at the most popular ways to decorate the bedroom

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We all know how interior design presents us with plenty of weird and wonderful ways to decorate our homes. And whilst a bedroom should always have the basics of a mattress and somewhere to store clothes, there are also lots of fun ways to add a personal touch to our sleeping spaces. So what are the most popular bedroom designs out there, and what it is about these designs that make them so attractive?

Nautical themes

The clean blues and whites of the nautical look make it a failsafe option for adding plenty of light and colour. This classic look is partially based upon the New England cottage style that embraces a certain amount of ramshackle rustic charm, whilst keeping the colour palette relatively restrained.

It’s a look that’s great for a smaller bedroom as the light colours make the room seem bigger than it really is, plus it shows that it not just small double mattresses that can save the day if you have a compact bedroom.

And with plenty of fun nautical motifs such as compasses and anchors to include, it’s a look that a lot of fun - particular if you add a few seashells around the room!

Minimalist aesthetics

The 21st century has seen minimalism become a big part of interior design. Whether it’s Scandinavian chic or even the increasingly popular Japanese minimal style, it’s all about getting rid of any unnecessary chintz and focusing on the key ingredients of the room.

So in order to get this look be sure to have a good clear out and think about painting the walls a muted colour with white, beige or on-trend grey being strong choices for the minimalist look.

And think about how to maximise the impact of your bedroom furniture. Whether that means investing in a stylish mid-century modern bedside table, or even getting a sleek geometric print blanket for your bed, it can all add a touch of sophisticated style without becoming too overwhelming.

Exotic choices

But some of us will be keen to embrace some of the wilder interior trends that have been hitting our bedrooms recently.

Most of us will be aware that tropical themes have been massive in the world of decor, and if it wasn’t a jungle-themed cushion cover, then you can be sure that you were never too far away from a pineapple lamp!

And with other cool exotic styles hitting our homes that see us embracing Moroccan influences with terracotta ornaments and ‘ethnic’ rug designs, it shows that bedroom design is about so much more than just deciding which kind of mattress to buy.