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Residues of 123 pesticides found in children’s school fruit! Yuck!

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I was really shocked to receive an email to my inbox this week with an alarming report discovering children’s school fruit snacks contain residues of up to 123 pesticides!  Isn’t this disgusting?  At home we always buy organic if the option is available as I just don’t trust consuming chemicals.  It’s surely common sense that eating unnatural food is no good for us, especially stuff made in laboratories that would never even be found naturally.  I don’t think we even understand half the dangers of chemical pesticides and in years to come people will think we were crazy for covering our food supply in them!

Personally I’d much rather pay a little extra and invest in my health and the environment.  I don’t understand why anyone would consume chemicals by choice.  I bet if we saw the bottles of chemicals farmers used we wouldn’t drink them.  I also bet if supermarkets had to list the chemicals used on each fruit on the labels, sales for organic fruit and veg would skyrocket!

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According to the article only an extra 1p per child per day would mean they can have organic fruit instead.  This is definitely something that I think should be enforced.  Or perhaps we just supply them with fruit for home?  I’d quite happily give my daughter a piece of fresh organic fruit each day to take in.

It is a tricky one.  Do I give her a piece of fruit to take in anyway, or let her carry on having the school fruit so she has the same as her peers?

At least it’s only one piece of fruit a day and I know at home she gets mostly organic, plus a wholefood no refined sugar diet.  I can’t shelter her forever from bad food and she does eat ‘normal’ food at other’s homes, parties and when eating out.  I still feel guilty though as I’m allowing her to have this piece of chemical filled fruit at school which could be damaging to her health.

Mum guilt is rife here where I choose to eat things because I believe they are healthier and it’s better for the environment, yet I let my children eat other things.  I just hope I can equip them with the knowledge they need to make their own choices once they are old enough to understand it all.