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Finding unique birthday gifts for the ones you love

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Finding it difficult to choose a present for someone close to you? Wanting to make sure it’s personal, unique and full of thought? Then look no further. I’ve put together a handy list of quirky, individual and utterly amazing gifts that your loved ones will adore.

Treat Them to a Beautiful Gift

Oftentimes, the best gifts are those that treat someone to something they love to do but wouldn’t necessarily pay for themselves. And one of these things is beauty treatments. Many of us enjoy spa days or pampering sessions but can’t justify spending that much money on ourselves. So, why not get your family member or friend a gift card for their favourite spa, or pay for their favourite treatment? You could even make a long-lasting memory by booking a day trip for the both of you to a local spa!

Surprise Them with Gig Tickets

Is your Mum a huge Rod Stewart or maybe a Morgan Wallen fan? Or is your loved one a massive festival goer? Then getting them tickets to go to their favourite concert, gig or festival is a wonderful idea.  You can easily buy them tickets online at websites like TicketSmarter where you can visit to get Morgan Wallen tickets and many others.

Gig tickets also provides them with the perfect excuse to go out for the night with one of their favourite people – you!  Plus, this fabulous memory you’ve both created helps you with their next present, too. All you need to do is order a canvas picture of the two of you at the concert together! Great, huh?

Give Them Their Favourite Tipple

Your loved one has a favourite drink or they may love to try new wines, but how do you make this gift far more personal than simply placing a bottle in a gift bag? Easy! 

Try a personalised bottle service from one of the many personalised gift companies online.  Offering you a great range of drinks to choose from, you can personalise each miniature bottle with your own message, a quote or your favourite photo. This not only gives your recipient their favourite tipple but it also provides them with a wonderful keepsake as well.

Go Vintage with Your Gift

Finally, for a truly off-the-wall present they’re sure to love, why not get them a polaroid camera? This is ideal if your loved one likes to take plenty of pictures or loves to get creative with the filters on their phone. There are plenty of new, retro-style polaroid cameras available, or you might be able to pick one up at your local antique centre.

Final Word...

Hopefully the above has given you plenty of inspiration for your next gift. Remember, be creative, look for something unique and think about how you can turn this gift into a long-lasting memory.