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As nights get darker, here’s how to make the most of the lighting in your home

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Love it or hate it, winter is almost upon us, and with nights getting darker, now’s the time your home lighting really can come to life.

Whether you’re wanting to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for staying warm in on a winter’s evening, or you want to keep your home looking bright and beautiful, here are some ways to maximise your winter lighting:

Opt for the Right Fittings

It’s all about the small details, especially when you’re spending much more time inside during winter. That’s why light fittings and lampshades crafted from luxurious fabrics, dark metals or warm woods are ideal for adding to that welcoming atmosphere in your home. Choose fixtures that add to the warmth and softness of your home to ensure you’re making each space a little bit more inviting.

Add Accent Lighting

A great way to accentuate your home’s tranquillity and cosiness is to use accent lighting. This means you’re bringing light to small areas by illuminating a piece of furniture or art, for example. You can achieve this type of lighting with standing lamps, walls cones and table desk lamps. Then, during winter, this lighting can be used to brighten up your home throughout the day, to illuminate a particular task at night (e.g. sewing or reading) or just to create a more intimate feeling when it gets dark.

Bring Light to Your Garden

Although you’re not going to be sitting outside much this winter, especially when it gets dark, this doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your outside space too. You can give your garden a well-deserved seasonal makeover by hanging lanterns from trees, adorning fences with fairy lights and using spotlights to light up particular features, e.g. fountains or ponds.

Use Natural Lights

Finally, another fantastic way of creating that calm, peaceful feeling within your home is to use natural lighting. From candles to wood burners, a few flickering flames around the home can really help brighten up the area while also adding to the feeling of warmth. And if you’re worried about using naked flames because of the kids, pets or your forgetfulness, there are plenty of LED choices to choose from.

Or, why not embrace Christmas a little early by adorning various features in your home with fairy lights. These are great for putting up in the window, along your mantelpiece or around your banister, creating a magical glow that also adds to your home’s wow factor.