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Don't get stressed! These tips will help you to chill out

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Dont get stressed! These tips will help you to chill out

Lots of people suffer from high-anxiety levels at various points during their lives. That can cause many problems for the individual. Maybe you struggle to perform at work or in social situations? Perhaps you can’t get out of bed in the morning because you’re worrying too much about what the day might hold?  Maybe you can't sleep as the anxiety eats away at you and you worry about the next day?

Believe me, I've been there lots.  Worrying about things, getting a sick feeling in my stomach and not being able to sleep.  Avoiding new social situations as I get too anxious to go.  Stress and anxiety can often go hand in hand.

Here are four ways to calm your mind if you're feeling stressed or anxious:


There are plenty of free yoga classes online with all sorts of benefits and for all stages, even beginners.  I try to start every day with yoga to relax my mind and prepare my body mentally and physically for the day ahead.  If you're struggling to sleep, search for a bed time routine.  My favourite online lessons are Yoga with Adriene.  You'll be able to find practices specifically for sleep, stress and anxiety.

Listen to hypnosis recordings

There are many free hypnosis recordings available on YouTube and other streaming sites that anyone can use without spending anything. Some are better than others, and so it’s sensible to read the comments section before committing. However, hypnosis is a brilliant method of reducing anxiety, and everyone should try it.  Take your mind to a calmer place and rid yourself of any negative thoughts.

Read an interesting book

Sometimes focusing attention in one place can help people to forget about their anxiety issues for an hour or so. That gives lots of folks some much-needed relief. So, take a look at some of the latest releases and download something exciting to your e-Reader.  Or pick up something great from your local charity shop and immerse yourself in another world for an hour or two.

Add some lavender to your bath

Lavender tends to produce some impressive results when added to bath water. The infographic below this section explains all the ins and outs of how lavender can benefit people and help in reducing their anxieties.  It's also great for promoting sleep so add a few sprinkles of essential lavender oil to your pillow for a better night's kip.

The important thing to remember when you feel anxious is that there probably isn’t any real reason to worry. I find it particularly hard to meet new people, especially a big group of new people, but if the anxiety is being caused by a stressful situation or something else then I try to remember this quote: 'If it won't matter in 5 years then don't spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it now'.

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