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Being smart when it comes to fashion

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To stay at the very top of the world of fashion, you need to be smart with your fashion choices. You need to go the extra mile in both deciding what clothes you want to wear, where you want to get your clothes from and how you want to wear them. You have to do more than just pick out a pretty top every now and again. You have to do more than wear the same old clothes day in, day out. To be a fashion icon, you have to be different and you have to be smarter with your fashion choices.

I’m definitely not a fashion icon!  Especially since becoming a mum, I have less money to spend on clothes for myself and it’s no longer a priority.  I’d rather spend my money on something else than the latest trends.  Luckily as my views on clothes are changing, the industries trends seem to be changing and going the same way too.

Here are some tips to be smart when it comes to fashion:

Go natural with your fashions choices now and your future self will thank you for it

Thankfully, more and more elements of our world are going in a natural and eco-friendly direction. More electric cars are being made each year, and will soon be the only type of car made at all. More people are turning to solar panels when it comes to providing their home with electricity. And more and more fashion brands are choosing greener fabrics like linen, hemp and even bamboo when it comes to creating their clothes. And, because the fashion industry is moving in this way, why don’t you get a head start with it and start buying clothes made in this natural type of way, today? By doing so not only will you be seen to have had your finger on the pulse of fashion for quite some time, but you will also be doing your bit in contributing to the cutting down of the deadly toxins and emissions that are given off by clothes that are causing pollution.

Buy with future fashion seasons and trends in mind… again, your future self will thank you

By buying your clothes with next year and future fashion seasons in mind, you stand yourself in good stead to save on a heap of money. Why? Because clothes prices plummet when the clothes are deemed to be out of fashion; an example of this can be found in the ending of summer bringing about a crash in the prices of summer clothes. But, the moment you see these prices coming down should be the exact time when you do your bulk buying. That season will be coming around again next year, and when it does you won’t have to pay the extortionate prices being asked. You can get ready for spring and summer with a new sundress even when your next summer is half a year away. With a bit of timely and savvy shopping you can cut the cost of your wardrobe for your next summer holiday.

If you have to buy new clothes, buy clothes that will last you a lifetime

Another way to be smart when it comes to fashion is to reduce your intake of new clothes. However, this can be hard to do for some because of how nice buying a new piece of clothing makes them feel. But there are ways to itch that buying scratch in smart ways — one of which is to only buy clothes that will last you a lifetime. By doing so you get to experience the thrill of a new piece of clothing entering your life, and you get to wear it for the next few years to come. And this then both helps you to establish a distinctive style for yourself as well as cut down on the costs demanded of constantly buying new threads.

And there are a number of fashions brands out there that both create clothes that will last a lifetime in a practical sense, as well as in a stylistic one too. Two such brands are Doc Martens and Converse. The shoes that both of these brands produce have survived the test of time and have been worn as a sign of fashion for decades, and will likely continue to be worn as a sign of fashion for years to come.

To satisfy that itch AND be eco-friendly, start using charity shops and eBay to purchase pre-owned goods.  Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but you support a charity and you get a new item of clothing to wear.

Being smart with your fashion can save you a lot of things. It can help you seem to be fashion-conscious, when in actual fact you aren’t. It can save you the money you would have otherwise spent, and possibly wasted, on new clothes. And it can save you from having to constantly buy new clothes too. So, be smart with your clothing choices!