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How long would you stay alive as a Walking Dead survivor?

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I really look forward to Monday evenings at the moment.  It’s the one night of the week me and Ben spend watching The Walking Dead.  I go to aqua and get back just after 8pm.  Ben usually has it ready to hit play on the TV and we are engrossed for one hour.  It’s probably the only evening I put my laptop and phone down and I’m not distracted from the screen!  I’ve always loved zombie films and TV shows and can’t help but wonder if I’d survive a zombie apocalypse.  Do you think you would?

I’m pretty sure I’d survive.  I like to think I’m a strong minded and determined person.  I’m fit, active and healthy.  I'm willing to muck in and work hard.  I think I’d stand a good chance!

Having watched so many zombie shows before, I was a bit late to the party with The Walking Dead.  I knew about it, but thought it would be the same as all the others.  How wrong I was.  OK, so the concept is obviously same as the others, but the characters are so strong.  Eight seasons in and I’m still just as hooked as day one.

My other favourite TV show is Ben Fogle Lives in the Wild, which ties in quite nicely don’t you think?  It’s all about leaving the rat race and surviving in the wild, fending for yourself and all that.  The older I get the more obsessed I get with wanting to live a more remote lifestyle and grow my own veg.  We got our own chickens this year, so we’re a step closer to my dream!

This is exactly why most of us wouldn’t be able to survive a zombie apocalypse.  We are not prepared for a disaster at all.  It might not be zombies, that is a bit far out, but it could be something else; the breakdown of society, a war, a weather disaster, no more electricity, etc.  It may seem like something that is allocated to Hollywood films only, but what if it did happen?  Could you survive?

The reason I don’t think we’re prepared is because most of us can’t produce our own food.  This is a major survival skill and yet we’re never taught it.  If it were up to me I’d teach children how to grow their own food in schools.  We all rely on farmers and being able to pop to the local supermarket for everything we need.  We’ve never had to fend for ourselves.  Imagine if the supermarkets disappeared tomorrow?  If there was a major disaster I bet the shelves would be wiped out in a day or so.

Data Label has produced the infographic below that shows how quickly your food sources will run out compared to some of the most popular disaster TV shows and films.

How long would you stay alive as a Walking Dead survivor?

*Infographic provided by Data Label